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Ten Hour Take Over: it's your chance to control Radio 1.
January 2005 Tracklisting: 10 - 11 am

Primal Scream - 'Rocks'
Lorraine and Danny in Darlington

Faithless - 'Insomnia'
Lea, Geoff in Preston

Lenny Kravitz - 'Are You Gonna Go My Way'
Charlotte in Ipswich, Simon in Long Eaton, Laura in Wokingham

T'Pau - 'China in Your Hands'
Catherine in Nottinghamsire

Farm - 'Groovy Train'
Barry and Chris in Stockport

Kenny Loggins - 'Footloose'
Sean, Claire and Bec in Cambridge

Jamelia - 'Numb' (Live Lounge version)
John in Swindon, Dav in Coventry

OutKast - 'Hey Ya!'
Jo and Jen, Steve, Ellie on the M18, Louise in Cheltenham

Chesney Hawkes - 'The One And Only'
Lisa in Nottingham, Colin and Emily

Queens of the Stone Age - 'No One Knows'
Rich in Chichester, Dionne in Herts, Molly in Huddersfield

Liverpool FC - 'Anfield Rap (Red Machine In Full Effect)'
Jim in Sheffield

Killers - 'Mr Brightside'
Ian, Andy from Selby, Kate and Bobby from Stoke

Zoe - 'Sunshine on a Rainy Day'
Paul in Pontefract, Kirsty in Witney

11-12pm >>

What do you think?

jamelia is just amazing for her age she has gone throught alot i really relate to some of her songs and i think shes guna go well in the music industry

Claire, Perth
This has to be the best hour of the day! what a selection. thanks radio 1 :D

we need more busted and mcfly on here man! thats all i gotta say

Amazing....but can people not waste vital minutes asking for current songs. i mean i like Hey Ya and i absolutely love Mr Brightside but thats likely to be played ask for some classics instead please!!! amazing though...chesney hawkes...oooooooo yes!

i was happy until them little child phoned in spreading busted all over the uk,,, yuk

I think that it's a good selection, but the Anfield rap was rubbish! No offence to Liverpool fans!

Mr Brightside, in one word, fantastic! Keep playing great songs.

Suzanne Horner
All brill except for Anfield rap. tempted to ask for Pig Bag for all Boro fans - we need aome thing to cheer us up after the New Years day performance !

omg i love this song 'killers' r fab. fanx 4 10 hr takeover, keep up the good work radio 1. luv cass xxxxx

rodney boyd
it wasnt too bad then you played the anfield rap. cheers chappers n dave hahaha

Wicked music i'm loving it!!! I like listening to such a variety of old and new music!!! Its great!! Deb!

Andrew, Cardiff
Chesney??? Nooooooooo

So far this sounds like a gay 80's night club i.e Reflex in some good classic tunes please not these soppy about baggy trousers or pulp house in the country......proper classics!!! And then other really original tracks barely heard ever.....NOT best old skool disco!

This takeover is great until someone asks for something that is normally played on the radio nowadays anyway. I mean, they've got millions of tracks to possibly play and someone has just asked for Hey Ya by Outkast! I feel like I've heard that every living day of my life since it came out (which is quite probably true!). We've got a chance here to USE SOME IMAGINATION!

Nathalie Hoyland
Loving the music...especially Footloose!!!! Gave me an excuse to do crazy 80's dancing!!! Nat xxx

Oh man this is an awesome tune, jamelia - 'numb', it's the first time I've heard a linkin park song re-done so well. cheers radio 1. awesome music. Chris.

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