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Tom Parr
Tom Parr from Portsmouth

He's more into how music is made rather than how DJ's mix. The energy of rave got him into music. Hear Tom's track Missing You

harry harrison
Harry Harrison aka DJ Harry H

He began producing tracks on keyboard at 13. Global Gathering was his first festival experience. Hear his track Forgiveness 

Ryan Thomas aka Mozart Von Kapellmeister

His parents bought him a studio at 18. He likes to produce Trance as well as music for film scores. Listen to The Dawn Of Age

Nightraiders aka Jonny Peebles
Nightraiders aka Jonny Peebles

Using CuBase FX on a PC to make his tunes, Jonny's top club night is Inside Out at The Arches. Listen to 'Push'

David Randall (Standard Form)

He started producing Trance at 15. Influences include Ferry Corsten, The Prodigy + Armin Van Buuren. Listen to 'Back to Life'

Atom Grinder
Atom Grinder (Ben & Chris)

They share a birthday and started working together after hooking up at Kulu, West Yorkshire. Listen to 'Extafetaketacaine'

Ocean Quest

They've been DJing together for 2-3 years and use Cubase. Listen to 'Summersun'

Yuri O'Donnell aka Kayru

This is his first trance track after several years of creating DnB and breaks and his favourite DJs are Pendulum. Listen to 'Electric Llama'

Stuart Cowper
Stuart Cowper

Stuart's only been producing for 5 months, but he has a decade of DJing under his belt. He rates Eddie Halliwell. Listen to 'The Sound'

Jim Pape AKA Jim Sandoz
Jim Pape AKA Jim Sandoz

Mancunian Jim Sandoz is a big fan of techno from the early nineties Derek May (from Rhythm is Rhythm) and Juan Atkins. Listen to 'Unite'

Kyle CT AKA Khorgii

Khorgii has been producing for 2 years, and lists 'Cafe Del Mar' by Energy 52 as his musical inspiration. Listen to 'Always'

Tudur Evans
Tudur Evans

His DJ brother got him into trance but he also rates Chicane's chilled out beats
Listen to 'Impassion'

Rohan & Kieran Murphy
Rohan & Kieran Murphy

Two lads from Dundee who use Ableton Live on a PC to produce their tracks.
Listen to 'Summer Madness'

DJ Kiwi
Kieran Davies (aka DJ Kiwi)

This Swansea based producer rates Marcel Wood as a DJ and producer and uses FR Studio.
Listen to 'Kontrol FreQ'

DJ Archetype
DJ Archetype

Antony is a PC producer who was inspired to write by just listening to the music.
Listen to 'Forget'

Mr Rivaz
Mr Rivaz

Many a night dancing to Big Al at Escape in Swansea inspired this PC based producer.
Listen to 'Command Control'

Daniel Seacroft (aka Projex)

A Northern Irish producer does it for the love of the music (using Ableton software)
Listen to 'Alive'

Robert Corbishley
Robert Corbishley

Robert rates Ferry Corsten as his top producer and Eden is his top club
Listen to 'Evolution'

DJ Shu (aka Owen Sheridan)
DJ Shu (aka Owen Sheridan)

This Northern Irish DJ turned producer rates our very own Kutski as top DJ - get in!
Listen to 'Plausible Denial'

Tim & Dee

Top producers are Sean Tyas and OD404 and Tony de Vit gets top DJ rating
Listen to 'MN8'

Joe Nattrass
Joe Nattrass

From Cumbria, Joe has been producing for 3 years and rates James Holden as a DJ. 
Listen to 'Will'

Andrew Paterson aka Seratonin
Andrew Paterson (aka Seratonin)

He's a Cubase SX 2 producer whose top club is The Arches in Glasgow
Listen to 'Shockwave Control'

Christopher Sedgeman aka KaMi

A County Durham producer with over 8 years experience and respect for Frankie Wilde.
Listen to 'When Fate Meets Destiny'

Ash n Trash's Project
Ash n Trash

Top team Joe and Chris are huge fans of Liam Howlett and John Cutler as producers
Listen to 'Fire 4 Effect'

Rachel Loren
Rachel Loren

She uses Cubase to lay down her tracks and really rates Darren Tate as a producer.
Listen to 'For All Time'

Salmon Revenger

We don't know anything about Salmon Revenger except that this tune is hot!
Listen to 'Ubergirl'

Christian Hann

He uses Fruity Loops software to lay down his beats and his top DJ is Judge Jules
Listen to 'The Ranch (Christian's Club Mix)'

Fraser (aka Instinctz)

Fraser is a massive Tiesto fan, and has been making music for three years. 
Listen to '12 Keys'

Luke Wilkins aka Redeemer
Luke Wilkins (aka Redeemer)

Luke's favourite producers are Super8 and Tab and reckons AIR is the best club
Listen to 'Broken Echoes'

Paul Johnson (Touchstone A Productions)

This Middlesborough hopeful went from DJing at house parties to making his own trance music
Listen to 'Transition State'

Joseph Pattenden

Judge Jules inspired him to get into producing and Tiesto is his favourite DJ & Producer
Listen to 'Centipede'

Chris Pollock (aka Kryztow De Fier)

Oakey is a big fan of this man who set up the award winning Kubik club in Liverpool
Listen to 'Don't Mess With Me'

Daniel Edwards

From Aberdeenshire and producing for over 14 years, his favourite producers are The Prodigy
Listen to 'One Good Reason'

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