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Every Monday night, Colin does his best to rebel against the soundbite culture and invite a band or artist or living human being onto the show for a good 45-minutes. Sometimes its just for a chat, a lot of the time they record exclusive, live material for the show. It's called In The Company Of... Here's the ITCO roll-call to date, with comments from Colin.

The Coral
James and Nick dropped by for their usual frank and understated chat, and that was after the band recorded a really special session at Maida Vale - A doors-y version of Dreaming Of You, a new track and a strings version of Being Somebody Else. We had a right night of it. There was a particularly funny Samantha Fox story I wasn't expecting.

Dylan Moran
We've been trying to get Dylan on the show ages, and it was all we wished it could be - intelligent, articulate and funny… yet still at odds with the world. He confirmed there would NEVER be any more Black Books - boo.

Cajun Dance Party
Some would say the best session we’ve had to date, although there is stiff competition! Having the boys in for an interview was like having your naughty nephews around, which was refreshing. The wouldn’t tell us their A-level results.

Lykke Li
A strange, yet friendly little lady with a fascinating story and a really good album. Not sure how pleased she was at the amount of times I mispronounced her name though.

The Zutons
Back with a new album and, in the case of Dave, a drastic new hairstyle. They were our first ever ITCO guests when we started the show, so it was like welcoming back old friends.

Primal Scream
In the aftermath of T In The Park, Bobby And Mani returned to the show to talk about the new record and everything and anything that came up in conversation, as usual. The bit we could actually put out of Mani were very funny - shame we had to cut out all the 'too-hot-for-radio' stuff.

A reputation for being an awkward interview, but in actual fact were anything but… and the session as mindblowing… double the drumming!

Black Kids
We insisted on interviewing brother and sister! Again, they put loads of effort into the session and it was nice to have a band on the show who we'd been playing and loving since day one.

Ross Noble
One of the most crazy and hilarious ITCOs ever. I finally met someone who likes to talk more than I! Made us all p*** ourselves laughing from start to finish. Monkeys!!

Stephen Lynch
Maybe our most important ITCO yet… we were allowed to let the US comic musician loose with his adult material, which should be the norm for late night radio but unfortunately is not! Turns out he is not a bad poker player either. His mate Rod was also responsible for showing me the Frasier Falling Off Stage YouTube clip which you can watch now on BHTV. Oh Good Lord!

Hot Chip
Everyone’s favourite indie-electro nerds spent ages in Maida vale and recorded an inspiring version of Wrestlers, and an insane cover of Nothing Compares To You.

Young Knives
I could tell within ten minutes of meeting these boys, that they would be one of the best bands in the world to go out drinking with! Well underrated. Turn Tail is ome of the singles of the year.

Soulwax / Too Many DJs
One and the same… did a 24 minute mix called Introversy, which contained about 150 song intros. Next time… Outroversy!!!

Death Cab For Cutie
It seems every time this lot bring an album out, most people in Britain ignore it, apart from the fans who buy it in their droves. We thought it only right to have Ben and co on the show, and get them into Maida Vale. Turns out they are big fans of Hall & Oates!

Now on their own label, the boys have released their best album to date – hands down. This ITCO was what its all about – honest conversation and special session tracks. Top lads, who went on to defeat We Are Scientists in the first annual Colin Murray show Tug O’ War.

Jimmy Eat World
With a cracking new album, we thought it was our duty to have them in – turned out to be a right laugh and their session was full on brilliance.

Vampire Weekend
Their exclusive live tracks were described, by themselves, as the best session they’d ever done to date. All the strings were substituted for horns. Unique. Next time they come back, they’ve promised to cover Caravan Of Love.

David Tennant
The Doctor dropped by to discuss the new series of Doctorr Who. Such a down to earth, honest guy, who played some really good records… and The Housemartins.

Our very own Radiohead gig at the BBC Radio Theatre. Not only that, but we got to chat with Thom and Ed for ages as part of our ITCO special. Probably the biggest thing we’ve ever done on the show.

Gogol Bordello
The world’s greatest Gypsy punks turned Maida Vale into a stadium with a ridiculously loud session. Our most colourful In The Company Of ever!

Sam Isaac
The ginger genius, who we heard originally on Huw Stephens' Introducing show, popped in to document the early part of his career. Very nice.

We Are Scientists
Our second ever returning ITCO guests! They were gutted to hear Biffy Clyro beat them to it! Just as weird and wonderful as their first visit.

Biffy Clyro
Our first ever returning ITCO guests. This was a surprise guest for my birthday – best present ever! Their session from LA, including a cover of Pearl Jam’s Daughter, was awesome! I am looking forward to their ITCO hat-trick.

Tony Hawk
The world’s best known skater boy played loads of great records – so much so that he could present my show next time I am on holiday if he wants.

E From Eels
Like most of our guests, he did a unique live session, which including just a guitar and a piano. A true indie legend.

Peter Serafinowicz
Everything Chris Rock wasn’t. He did the best Robert De Nero impression ever recording for public consumption.

The Go! Team
Ninja was a little firebrand. Really honest girl and the live session had more instruments than any other In The Company Of yet.

Did an amazing Flaming Lips cover and showed just how impressive a live act they are. I only did one Busted gag, but it was a doozy.

Chris Rock
Chris really didn’t care about being on the show. He didn’t even bother to take his coat off.

Billy Talent
Gorgeous boys. They couldn’t come into Maida Vale so did their own session in Toronto, without being asked, and sent it over themselves.

Seasick Steve
– Maybe the most natural musician we’ve ever had on the show. A former hobo, a current living legend. We got the blues, baby!

Malcolm Middleton – Our Malky, children choir and sleigh bells. The perfect Christmas present.

Serj Tankian – Sysytem Of A Down man and his solo album, with live tracks performed on a grand piano. He also gave us great beard advice.

The Wombats – They used a banjo in their session – our first ever encounter with said instrument. This ITCO provided the low down and the hoe down

Outl4w – Bunch if kids who, while recording a cracking Maida Vale session, has to ask their mum for money for chocolate. I feel old but inspired.

Kevin Smith – One of the greatest independent directors on the planet and a top lad. Silent Bob talks!!!

The Mighty Boosh – Bollo didn’t show. Cheeky Monkey. We stole Julian's I-Pod.

Kaiser Chiefs – A nice, honest, different interview with one of the most high-profile bands in Britain.

Sigur ros – With tracks from their Electric Proms set and a chat fuelled by Whiskey, the weird Icelandic boys gave us one of our best ITCO’s yet!

Underworld – Karl Hyde is one in a million – kind of like a cool uncle. They recorded live tracks for us from their London gig. And didn’t charge us. Nice.

Tunng – Worth listening to just for their cover of Blue Pearl’s Naked In The Rain

Ricky Gervais – We met in a broom cupboard, shared half a cheese sandwich and talked loads about Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Two Gallants - Maybe the best two piece in the world ('fraid so Jack and Meg). Session was country-tinged genius. Our best harmonica yet.  Their MySpace

Super Furry Animals - A rocking Maida Vale session and funny stories about tanks and yeti's. Hye Venus is a crackin album so loved having them (on the show). Their MySpace

Ian Brown - Nihal welcomed the monkey king for a chat. The picture on the website looked great, so I listened again and it was very good indeed. His MySpace

Chemical Brothers - reworked two tracks just for the show. Also chose to play 'DHS - House Of God' which I pretended I knew. Their MySpace

Bat for Lashes, Fionn Regan, Maps - A unique collaboration, involving the three Mercury Prize nominated bands that I've played the most on the show. They put their heads together for an afternoon and did their own delightful version of Primal Scream's Higher Than The Sun. See the session

Pigeon Detectives - They were funny. Their MySpace

The Enemy - But not as funny as The Enemy, who were really funny. And cheeky. Their MySpace

Alloy Mental - Belfast's act with a dance head and a body of metal. If you find it hard to understand the Irish accent, this may have confused you. Their MySpace

The Coral - One of the quickest Maida Vale sessions ever. They are almost one person. Nice one La! Their MySpace

Frank Black - The Pixies legend on his acoustic guitar teaching the world a lesson in having soul. One of the greatest hours of my life! Pixies MySpace

Bloc Party - Liked them when they came onto the show, but after Leeds Festival I'm in love with them! Their MySpace

UNKLE - James Lavelle is a legend. Found it hard to keep up with his thoughts. War Stories is one of the most underrated albums of the year. Their MySpace

Spinal Tap - You can watch it here. This In The Company Of... went up to eleven. Their MySpace

Modest Mouse - Are meant to be quite awkward, but were little mice at Maida Vale. Slanty indie-tastic. Their MySpace

Idlewild - Roddy is the most delicate flower we've had on the show. Make Another World is a record you should have in your life. Their MySpace

Sir Paul McCartney - Macca, to you and I. Biggest guest we've had on show, and maybe the most down to earth. His MySpace

Maximo Park - I think I said they were from a town they weren't actually from. I apologise. Lovely lads. Their MySpace

Chris Cornell - Ex-Soundgarden man who was so jet lagged when he came in, that he just drank coffee after coffee and told glorious, honest stories. Their MySpace

The Cribs - Nihal did this one. I was off! Their MySpace

Grinderman - One of my hero's, Nick Cave. Honoured by his presence. Enough said. Their MySpace

Soccer AM - Tim And Helen! We must have been the kiss of death!

Manic Street Preachers - They did us an amazing Radio 1 ID! True legends, who recorded one of our best sessions yet. Their MySpace

Biffy Clyro - mmm, let me think…. Oh yeah… Mon The Biffy!! Their MySpace

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Not sure they understood me to be honest! Ha ha. Their MySpace

Ash - Twilight Of The Innocents, again, an underrated album. Did new and old stuff live for the show. Their MySpace

Klaxons - Well, after this they went on to win the Mercury Prize. Say no more! Their MySpace

Bright Eyes - Burning like fire! Everyone said that Conor Oberst would be an awkward interview but he was very friendly. Their MySpace

Faithless - Managed the full faithless line-up, doing the interview in their own secret studio. One of my favourite ITCO's. Rollo made me coffee. It was alright. Their MySpace

Willy Mason - Natasha's favourite In The Company Of... ever and that’s because his talent cannot be measured in earth years, as he proved with just an acoustic guitar. Their MySpace

Hold Steady - One of THE albums of 2007, Boys And Girls In America, and their session rocked. Lead singer looks a bit like Steve Wright (in the afternoon) Their MySpace

+44 - Very American Their MySpace

Brakes - They made my favourite album of 2006, Beatific Vision, which people are finally starting to take notice of. Check them out. Comma Comma Comma fullstop.Their MySpace

Weird Al Yankovic - White And Nerdy! Most texts I think I have ever received. We played a polka! Their MySpace

The View - My accent, their accents: radio's equivalent to a crossed line. Their MySpace

Tenacious D - They are but men, and it rocked! Their MySpace

Primal Scream - Never witnessed a band enjoy recording in Maida Vale as much as these mentalists! Love them to death. Maybe the easiest band to interview on the planet. Their MySpace

Nigel Godrich - Rob Da Bank did this one. My goodness, I have only missed TWO Thursdays in nearly a year! Overworked!!! Oh, and overpaid!! Their MySpace

DJ Shadow - Very genuine, very interesting, very good company. Their MySpace

We Are Scientists - They played Haddaway and I'd still have them back. Their MySpace

Heavens / Alkaline Trio - Very, very American. Heavens MySpace / Alkaline Trio's MySpace

The Flaming Lips - I would clean Wayne Coyne's house for free, as I told him. Very irratic, inspiational session. Their MySpace

Seth McFarlane - The man who created Family Guy. We gave him four song picks and he played four Sinatra tunes. Good man.

Kasabian - Very modest, quietly spoken chaps. Must have them back soon. Their MySpace

David Kitt - His session version of a track called Into The Breeze is in my top ten Most Played on my iPod which tells you what I think of his appearance on the show. Their MySpace

Liam Gallagher - He swore 56 times. Then we went for a late night Nandos. The man is immortal. Their MySpace

Beck - Was meant to do a DJ set but nobody told him. Considering that, it was boss! Their MySpace

Muse - The calm before the storm that saw them headlining everything and selling million. They love a game of poker, but are at least two leagues below me, standard wise. Their MySpace

Zutons - Our first ITCO and they recorded Jackie Wilson's Higher And Higher and their own Why Won't You Give Me Your Love with the London Community Gospel Choir. What a start. Their MySpace

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