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Friday 27th March 2009

06:30 - News and Sport
06:35 – Last night the team went to see Chris’ telly show being recorded. Rachel was more interested in the cheese in the green room, and the rest of the team were generally embarrassing
06:55 - Today is the anniversary of the invention of shoelaces, and we wonder what people used before laces. Did people just have slip ons?
07:00 - News and Sport
07:00 – Apparently people used buckles on their shoes before laces. Shoes were invented in Northampton, and hats were invented in Luton
07:05 – We talk some more about shoes and shoelaces and the invention of silk. Chris asks Dave about the Chinese for apple crumble and where you can buy Chang beer from. Chris asks Dave about previous Everton shirt sponsors
07:20 – Chris is on Jonathan Ross tonight, and Dave’s going to try and stay akake for it. Chris has got the satellite engineers over today to sort out his signal problems. Dave had a similar thing, where the engineers chopped down next door’s tree which was in the way
07:25 – We talk Dancing On Ice and Antiques Roadshow.
07:28 – We run through the weekend’s international football schedule. Who’s playing who, and when...
07:30 - News and Sport
07:35 – We discuss falling asleep in public and Baby TV and Babestation which are totally different channels. We want Dom to go and meet some of his favourite Babestation stars, and have had an offer of a meet and greet from a lorry driver who’s sister works on the channel
07:45 – Dominic presents his interview with Keith Allen, and Chris is talking about buying his houseboat. Apparently it’s 100ft long, so Dave tries to tell Chris how long that would be.
07:55 – Dave’s equation of 150 Dominic’s is not an accurate picture of Keith Allen’s 100ft barge
08:00 - News and Sport
08:05 – We talk to Ellie on the phone who used to live on a boat. She goes through the pros and cons. Chris thought he’d get the boat for about £1500 even though it’s probably worth about £100,000!!
08:20 – Aled is here and we have a new brass band cover to play to him. We talk some more about canal boats, and of our experience when we all slept on one and did the show from a moving boat
08:30 - News and Sport
08:35 – Ronan Keating has popped by to say hello. We talk about the mountain and his album and keeping the Pet Shop Boys
08:50 – Life is a Rollercoaster banter and chat about his album and keeping the Pet Shop Boys off the top spot. Ronan’s impressed by Dave’s version of 'When you say nothing at all'. We also get his Twitter account up
09:00 – Golden Hour part one – 2001
Shaggy - 'It Wasn't Me'
Fatboy Slim feat. Macy Gray - 'Demons'
Robbie Williams - 'Let Love Be Your Energy'
Gorillaz - '19-2000 (Soulchild remix)'
U2 - 'Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of'
Travis - 'Sing'
09:30 - News and Sport
09:35 – Golden Hour part two – team choices
Rachel: Kylie Minogue - 'Better The Devil You Know'
Aled: Blur - 'Country House'
Carrie: Darude - 'Sandstorm'
Dave: Spin Doctors - 'Two Princes'
Dom: KLF - 'Justified and Ancient'
Chris: Ronan Keating - 'Life Is A Rollercoaster'

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