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Friday 20th March 2009

06:30 - News and Sport

06:35 – Chris and Dave spent the evening together last night, and we talk about the team’s respective evenings and the wine cycle of red for winter, and rose for summer
06:55 – Rachel thinks her and Mally might be visible from space on the new version of Google Maps. We have a look but can’t see them anyway. Today Nick Frost and Gemma Arterton are on the show, and Dave thinks Gemma Arterton might have six fingers
07:00 - News and Sport
07:05 – More about Google Map, and it turns out the Gemma Arterton finger thing might actually be true, and Dave wishes he hadn’t mentioned it now
07:20 – Aled is here and smells of coconut.
07:25 – Rachel has stupidly said hello to Gemma Arterton, even though it wasnt actually her. Chris has seen his car on Google Maps. Dave thinks he might have spotted his old next door neighbour on there too. Chris is doing his first telly show tonight, but unfortunately none of the team can make it
07:30 - News and Sport
07:35 – We think Scott Mills might also be on the map thing
07:45 – Rachel needs to go and say hello to Gemma Arterton who’s now arrived. She’s too scared though. Dom has a Guess Who? It’s Trinny from Trinny and Susannah
08:00 - News and Sport
08:05 – Nick Frost and Gemma Arterton are here and we’ll have them in next
08:15 – Nick Frost and Gemma Arterton part one. We talk about doing kissing scenes and having stuff stuck in your teeth. Nick also sounds a bit like Pete Tong
08:25 – Part two of the interview. We talk about the previews for The Boat That Rocked in the cinemas, and the characters that they play in the film. Chris tries to flirt with Gemma, and will be asking about the Shaun Of The Dead tour
08:30 - News and Sport
08:35 – Chris asks Nick about going on his Shaun Of The Dead tour and he says yes! Yay. Now everyone wants to do it, and its going to be massive. Nick Frost also talks about fuzzy ball toothbrushes in the gents loos and scooterman
08:50 – More about the Shaun Of The Dead tour and we replug the boat that rocked cinema screenings
09:00 – The Golden Hour part one - 1991
Crystal Waters - 'Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)'
Soho - 'Hippy Chick'
Black Box - 'Strike It Up'
Seal - 'Crazy'
U2 - 'The Fly'
Scritti Politti - 'She's A Woman' (clip)
Rick Astley - 'Cry For Help' (clip)
Stevie B - 'Because I Love You (The Postman Song)'
Paula Abdul - 'Rush Rush'
09:30 - News and Sport
09:35 – The Golden Hour part two - team choices
Aled: Urban Cookie Collective - 'The Key, The Secret'
Dave: Bassheads - 'Is There Anybody Out There?'
Rach: Oasis - 'She's Electric'
Dom: S Club 7 - 'Reach'
Chris: Massive Attack - 'Unfinished Sympathy'

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