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Friday 13th February 2009

6.30 - News and Sport
6:35 – Random opening link about chris’s training, twitter, Lost, migraines potty training, Kilimanjaro and the golden hour. It’s all there really.
6:55 – It’s Valentines day tomorrow and Chris tells the story of the woman in the paper who tried to recreate a scene from her husband’s favourite movie, but gets it completely wrong. We then get sidetracked talking about Lethal Weapon 2
7.00 - News and Sport
7:05 – More Lethal Weapon chat and we have a new mix from Party Ben which is very good
7:20 – Many people are disappointed about the lack of a gap in the pink record, so we have to do it again with the big pause. We discuss the work of Party Ben, and then Dave wants advice from Chris about valentines protocol. What to buy and when and where, and Chris reckons he shouldn’t by flowers from that bloke at lights in Acton on the A40
7.30 - News and Sport
7:35 – We talk more about valentines, and Carrie tells us about how Tom is good in the kitchen, and how she sometimes dresses up in his uniform. We have poor Craig on the phone who’s having emotional issues with his girlfriend this valentines day. We try and help him out, and then Rachel sticks up for women, to provide balance.
7:45 – Tom is too perfect and makes us look average. Chris has got a love dilemma involving his dinner and fancy dress party combination. Dave tries to help, but doesn’t really
8.00 - News and Sport
8:05 – We play the Alesha Dixon parody
8:20 – Aled is back to tell us about getting dumped
8.30 - News and Sport
8:35 – We play some music to make Aled feel better. Some of the tracks are not the most appropriate though sadly.
8:55 – We try some music to make Aled to feel better, but we’re still not getting it quite right
9.00 – The Golden Hour part one - 1989
Guns N' Roses - ''
Michael Jackson - 'Leave Me Alone'
Depeche Mode - 'Personal Jesus'
Taylor Dayne - 'Tell It To My Heart'
Edie Brickell - 'What I Am'
Neneh Cherry - 'Manchild'
Roachford - 'Cuddly Toy'
9.30 - News and Sport
9.35 – The Golden Hour part two - team choices
Rachel: Wildchild – ‘Renegade Master 98 (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Mix)’
Dom: Spice Girls - 'Stop'
Carrie: The Bluetones – ‘Slight Return’
Dave: Stereo MC's - 'Creation'
Chris: The Beatles – ‘Eleanor Rigby’

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