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Friday 15th August 2008

6.30 – News and Sport
6.35 – Noel Gallagher is on the show today. We wonder whether he went to bed early with excitement, and whether Liam is sitting in his kitchen like Zippy sulking cos he's not here. Chris also gives us all presents from his front room. It's going to be a great show
6.55 – Aled has just turned up in a chauffeur-driven Mercedes, and Chris has been given some free barbeque sauce made from a famous American brand of beer
7.00 - News and Sport
7.05 – We all get some more presents from Chris' front room. What a selection of gifts we have
7.25 – We talk about the new football season and the fact that Carrie has to get brownie points from Tom to watch the match. We also talk about Aled at the football in Portugal which he didn't understand
7.30 - News and Sport
7.40 – We've been trying to get hold of Nicole Cook in Beijing, but we're having technical difficulties
7.50 – Rachel shows us her latest cake creation for Noel Gallagher. It's immense! He's not here though, so we debate whether he should get cancelled or not
8.00 - News and Sport
8.05 – Noel's here and we'll talk to him very shortly
8.05 – Noel band one, hello I’m still drunk. Noel was out in the Crobar last night and his mate the 2nd biggest tout in the UK got into a fight with some Spanish fella. Then we play the single
8.20 – Another random band from Noel
8.30 - News and Sport
8.50 – Noel gives his opinion on a range of random subjects including, Dogs, Jeremy Kyle and Peaches Geldof
9.00 – Noel gets his cake from Rachel at long last. He is clearly impressed
9.10 – We start the Golden Hour a little late – It's 1990
INXS - 'Suicide Blonde'
DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - 'Tom's Diner'
Jesus Jones - 'Right Here, Right Now'
Erasure - 'Blue Savannah'
(plus snippets of The Soup Dragons - 'I'm Free' and Aerosmith 'Dude Looks Like A Lady')
9.30 - News and Sport
9.35 – The Golden Hour - part two (team choices)
Dave: Faith No More – 'Epic'
Carrie: Soft Cell – 'Tainted Love'
Aled: Madonna - 'Beautiful Stranger'
Rachel: Queens Of The Stone Age – 'No One Knows'
Chris: George Michael – 'Faith'

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