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Thursday 1st May 2008

6.30 - News and Sport
6.35 – We welcome Alison as a lodger to our radio family, and talk fashion and haircuts and stuff like that
6.50 – Chris tells Dave about their big day ahead and discusses the end of his dental work and shows Dave his toothy gaps. Dave thinks these may close up - possibly or maybe not
6.59 – Chris was in the dentist which usually has Radio 2 on and yesterday he was listening to Jo Whiley. Chris thinks Dave is in a bad mood even though he isn't
7.00 - News and Sport
7.05 – Hurray for us, we've put on more listeners yay. We then go through the clips of Kevin who got booted off The Apprentice last night. They're very funny
7.20 – Chris still thinks Dave's in a bad mood even though he's not. Chris is then in a bit of a bad mood
7.30 - News and Sport
7.35 – We discuss what will happen to Leeds United with their quest to get their points back
7.45 – Does the Zutons record sound like Max and Paddy? We compare and contrast and then get the original BJ and the Bear theme. Chris is getting obsessed with his weight and needs to up his healthy regime, after him and Dave have been on the lash today
8.00 - News and Sport
8.05 – Chris thanks everybody for their continued support as our listeners go up. We have a message from Cheggers. We thank Johnny Vaughan for being rubbish in London, and decide to send Terry Wogan a cake for his figures. He's already got cake though. Damn that Terry Wogan…he must be laughing at us
8.20 – We send Aled off to go and get cakes from the shop for Terry Wogan. Apparently they only cost £1.5
8.30 - News and Sport
8.35 – Aled has bought cake to give to Terry Wogan, so we send him off on his mission
8.45 – Aled live on the phone at Radio 2. He can't get to Terry though
8.55 – More from Aled who didn't have any joy and now needs to find Ken Bruce. The problem is that they've just said thank you to us on air, and now Aled is trying to get the cake back
9.00 – Tedious Link – The Buzzcocks 'Ever Fallen In Love'
9.05 – Aled is back to tell us what really happened at Radio 2 with Terry Wogan. It's been very random today
9.30 - News and Sport
9.35 – Chris wants to find out what One Night Only said about him yesterday in the Live Lounge. He's not bothered, as he'll just set Aled on them
9.45 – Carpark Catchphrase with Ian and Tom; Tom with the stupid horn wins
9.55 – Chris has found the clip of One Night Only being mildly threatening to Chris in their song

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