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Friday 25th April 2008

6.30 - News and Sport
6.35 – We talk to Greg live from Donnington Park Services with the grumpy woman and the fruit machines
6.50 – Yesterday was Dave's birthday and it was lovely, and he got a snazzy new present, but what was it?
7.00 - News and Sport
7.05 – Dave got an iPod for his birthday and Chris looks to see how many tracks he's uploaded on it. After this, Chris and Dave propose a random track on shuffle
7.20 – Chris and Dave randomly showcase the tracks on their iPod. Quality
7.30 - News and Sport
7.35 – Dave stupidly tells people that if they text in obscenities with gaps in between the letters, anything can get through. We have a laugh at some of the childish abuse being texted in
7.45 – Dave's gone to café to get breakfast, and other stuff happened. Odd Box discussed and the chocolate head video
7.55 – Dave's finally back. It took ages, 'cos the guy in the shop is an idiot
8.00 - News and Sport
8.05 – Chris' blister is giving him jip, and he needs to find a way of ending the agony
8.20 – Dr. Mark is on the phone with medical advice about Chris’s blister
8.30 - News and Sport
8.35 – People have been sending in pictures of Pigfeet and Monkey Man written in the dirt on vans and cement mixers around the country, and Aled's gone to the chemist to get a samurai sword and a bottle of whisky for Chris' blister. We try and offer sympathetic and practical solutions to Chris' problems
8.50 – Aled's back but we're still not entirely sure what to do with Chris' blister
8.57 – Thank Folk It's Friday song
9.00 – The Golden Hour part one – 1993
Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - 'Boom Shake The Room'
Snow - 'Informer'
Arrested Development - 'Mr. Wendal'
Spin Doctors - 'Two Princes'
Jamiroquai - 'Too Young To Die'
Björk & David Arnold - 'Play Dead'
Urban Cookie Collective - 'The Key, The Secret'
9.30 - News and Sport
9.35 – The Golden hour part two - team choices
Dom's Choice: The Cure - 'Friday I'm In Love'
Chris's Choice: Curiosity Killed The Cat - 'Down To Earth'
Aled's Choice: KLF - 'Last Train To Transcentral'
Rachel's Choice: Oasis - 'The Masterplan'
Dave's Choice: The Farm - 'Groovy Train'
Carrie's Choice: Vanilla Ice - 'Ice Ice Baby'
10.00 - We showcase our pod selections for Jo

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