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Friday 18th April 2008

6.35 – Chris was out last night. He’s brought in a CD of Five star tracks and assorted guff. We talk about our day of special fun yesterday and Folk Face and the Golden Hour or to come before 10am
6.58 – Dominic wants to go and see Dancing on Ice, but Chris isn’t interested
7.00 – News and Sport
7.05 – Chris showcases another eclectic but not unpleasant track from his collection. We’re going to try and get Andi Peters on the phone later to talk Dancing on Ice and see if he can get Dom in – We talk about Greg’s service station show, which promises to be up there with Spoony’s road to Cardiff show on a mobile phone
7.20 – We’ve had a text in from Amy who’s a bit sad because her friends keep picking on her, so we try and all cheer her up. Dom’s going to ring her during the news as well
7.30 – News and Sport
7.35 – Dom’s phones Amy, which is very funny and Carry on Footballers with Danny Murphy
7.50 – We think the Adele record sounds like Massive Attack. We showcase some more Five Star memories, and Chris tells the story of Dave talking to Jayne in the car about the cleaner
8.00 – News and Sport
8.05 – More 5 star fun and then we talk to receptionist Jill from BBC Radio Lincolnshire. Very Funny
8.20 – Jill’s on the phone again. All the T Shirts have gone and we play the age game with her, but she’s not very good. We also need to try and get hold of Andi Peters
8.25 – We talk to Andi Peters who’s currently in the middle of an interview on BRMB with his phone on
8.30 – News and Sport
8.35 – More about Andi Peters, We have the Folkface week song on before nine, and we talk briefly about what we did yesterday in the world of special FX and the teaser video which is online now
8.50 – Chris has enjoyed compiling the golden hour for today and Folkface still to come
8.57 – Thank Folk it Friday by Folkface
9.00 – GOLDEN HOUR! The year is 1990 and the tracks are;
They Might Be Giants - 'Birdhouse in Your Soul'
Candyflip - 'Strawberry Fields Forever'
Enigma - 'Sadness Part 1'
Betty Boo - 'Where Are You Baby'
MC Hammer - 'U Can't Touch This'
Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy the Silence'
Paula Abdul - 'Opposites Attract'
Deacon Blue - 'I'll Never Fall in Love Again'
Kylie - 'Better the Devil You Know'
9.35 – Random half hour chosen by us
Carrie’s Choice – Aha – ‘Take on Me’
Dave Choice – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch – ‘Good Vibrations’
Chris’ Choice – Rolling Stones – ‘You Got Me Rocking’
Aled’s Choice – Beyonce – ‘Crazy in Love’
Matt’s Choice – Crystal Waters – ‘Gypsy Woman’
Dom’s Choice – Take That – ‘Back for Good’

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