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Friday 29th February 2008
It's a leap year, innit?

6.30 - News and Sport
6.35 – Today is February 29th, the day when women can propose to their fellas. Chris is planning a 24 hour trip to Reykjavik. We talk about the NME awards last night, and run through some of the cool people who were there, and Carrie's off on manoeuvres or a hen do or something, and we weren't invited
6.55 – Nice to hear the original version of 'Valerie'. Chris watched Castaway yesterday and Ashes to Ashes which he enjoyed
7.00 - News and Sport
7.05 – We have a big talk about and their archive and their criticism, and go through Dom's biog, where he hates the Norfolk accent and once sucked the crotch of Dave Pearce. He didn't. Chris meant soaked the crotch of Dave with a beer bottle
7.20 – Chris talks about the silly parody that Dave wrote yesterday, and asks people to guess how it goes, and we talk about the photos on Facebook and Bebo of listeners with the team
7.30 - News and Sport
7.35 – We talk about the situation regarding the press coverage of Prince Harry in Afghanistan, and what happened. Then it's Dave's guess who from yesterday, which was Ashley Cole
7.50 – Chris has leant Trevor Nelson some money, and he and Dave offer to lend Aled some cash but at a very high rate. Also Chris wants to storm the 1Xtra studio when they're doing their big announcement later
7.55 – We set up the crap parody which is to be aired shortly
8.00 - News and Sport
8.05 – The world exclusive first play of 'Chihuahua' - please text in your thoughts
8.10 – 10,000 have texted in their thoughts. And we should apparently call it Collie Minogue
8.22 – One Word Weather with Nelson Mandela, and we reckon that 1Xtra should drive people towards Radio 1, like we do for people who love black music
8.28 – The Girls Aloud song sounds better than it did the other day, and we talk about the Halifax adverts which Chris thinks are crap
8.30 - News and News
8.35 – Made Up News and Chris does his live 'Knickers Saves The Day' hot mix, which is fresh
8.45 – We talk albums and Chris quizzes Dave on his current favourites that he's got on cassette. We then talk about the podcast and the fact that you can download it now
9.00 – Tedious Link - C&C Music Factory 'Things That Make You Go Mmmmm'
9.05 – We talk some more about Dave's cassette collection, and do a live simulcast with 1Xtra
9.25 – We select the tracks for the Golden 4 minutes. Dom picks the first track and Aled picks the second one, and we'll hear them after the news
9.30 - News and Sport
9.35 – Golden 4 mins mix featuring Technotronic and the Spice Girls which is brilliant, and then Chris runs through what we could have had
9.45 – We cross live to Xtra just as they announce Tami Chin. Def Jeff then runs through the rest of the line up for the gig in Coventry
9.55 – Collie Minogue is on again
10.00 – Def Jeff does a handover with Jo Whiley, but she wants the noise to stop

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