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The Red Nose Climb 2009
In the run-up to Red Nose Day on 13 March, Chris Moyles, Fearne Cotton and seven other brave celebs will head to Africa for one of the biggest challenges of their lives.

Joining Chris and Fearne will be Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Alesha Dixon, Ben Shepherd, Ronan Keating, Denise Van Outen and Gary Barlow. 

They'll be walking for seven days to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for Comic Relief - and they want your help.

We need every Radio 1 listener to get behind Chris, Fearne and the other climbers. Show your support:

Support Chris Support Fearne

All the climbersThe money raised from the Red Nose Climb will be spent 40% in the UK and 60% in Africa.

The money in Africa will focus on tackling the huge problem of malaria - a disease which kills a child every 30 seconds in Africa.

Malaria is the most widespread, potentially fatal disease present in the world today. In Tanzania, where Mount Kilimanjaro is situated, malaria is the leading killer of children.

In a population of 38 million, there are more than 16 million cases of malaria each year, causing up to 80,000 deaths of children under 5 years of age.

Insecticide treated bednets markedly reduce child illness and deaths from malaria in areas where malaria is common. Bednets can reduce episodes of malaria in children by half, and deaths from malaria in children by one-fifth. 

See what difference your money can make in the UK too:

could pay for a personal safety alarm to help protect a woman against being raped or attacked. For women who have been through this trauma, an alarm can help to restore their confidence when out on the streets.

£2 is all it takes to provide 20 lonely older people with a cup of tea when they get together at a special project which helps them feel far less alone.

£5 could buy a toy for a child who has nothing after fleeing their home with their mum because of domestic violence.

£10 could pay for emergency food vouchers and toiletries for a vulnerable young homeless person.

£30 could pay to take a young carer on an outward bounds activity day, giving them a much-needed break from their caring duties and allowing them to simply be children having fun together for a day.

£50 could pay for the delivery of a school workshop that teaches young people how to use the internet safely and protect themselves from sexual exploitation or abuse.

Check out how you can take part in Red Nose Day 2009 and get more Red Nose Climb info.

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