Bobby And Nihal

Wed 00.00-02.00

Wednesday 26 April


JNAS presents Deep - 'Boys In Da Hood' (Envy)
Visionary Underground - 'Eye Of The Storm' (VU)
Rouge feat. Julez Santana - 'Don't Be Shy' (Mona)
Gese vs Social Security - 'Zubaida'
Alyssia - 'Pyar Hogiya' (Reggaeton Mix) (Desijam)
A G Dolla - 'Toast The Glasses' (white)
Shiva Soundsystem - 'Mumbai Cells' (Shiva)
Sona Family feat. DJ Sharad & Kaz 'Chak De Main' - (Family Business)
Jinx - 'Rang' (Asian Flavas)
Praful - 'Says Kabir' (Kareem Raihani's Broken Mix) (Therapy)'
Jag - 'Take You There' (white)
Def 1 feat. Rukkus - 'Hustle Everyday' (Los sol Entertainment)

3 Play
Audio Dakoo's - 'I Am Jack's Smerkin Janwaar' 
She's All That - 'Jabtac'
Brown Boy Breaks - 'Blowin Up Tha Spot'


Keyshia Cole - 'I Should Have Cheated' (Kray Twinz Remix) (Interscope)
JID - 'Kurri' (Bhangrafied)
Badeshi - 'Soundworm'
Notorious JATT feat. Harv Mahingal - 'Callage' (Silverback)
Nirag Chag - 'Khwaab' (The Dusty Road)
Aziz - 'My Star' (session track) 
Riz MC - 'Post 9/11 Blues'
Nuphlo - 'Decompression Explosion' (demo)
JID - 'Bach De' (Bhangrafied)
DJ V - 'New Villager' (demo)
Anoushka Shankar - 'Beloved' (ESL music)

This week our top 5 records were:
1. Badeshi - 'Soundworm'
2. Jag - 'Take You There' (white)
3. JID - 'Kurri' (Bhangrafied)
4. Keyshia Cole - 'I Should Have Cheated' (Kray Twinz Remix) (Interscope)
5. Nirag Chag - 'Khwaab' (The Dusty Road) 
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