Bobby And Nihal

Wed 00.00-02.00

Tracklistings: 08/05/2004

Killin Time feat. Shana Kay - 'Pushkar' (Demo)
Ges-E Vs Social Security - 'Zubeida' (Nasha Records)
Petey Pablo feat. Bubbla Sparxx - 'Get On This Motorcycle' (Jive)
HardKaur Vs Mentor - 'Party In Bombay' (White Label)
Lil Fizz feat Snoop Doggy Dogg - 'Baby Got Dunka' (White Label)
UK Apache, DJ Phantosy & DJ Shogun - 'Gimme the Gal (Twice Bourne Remix)' (Ganja Records)
Lil Sach feat. Rowdy Brown - 'Naina' (Envy)
Jeeti feat. Kam Bhamra & Lil Nav - 'Nach' (Late Night Project)
Deeyah, "I Saw You (Badshah Khan Mix)", (Brainwash Records)
Raghav feat. Jahzel - 'Lets Work it Out' (A&R)
Bombay Rockers - 'Ari, Ari' (Di:lemma/Disco:wax)
Dum Dum Project feat. Earl J & Chori Sala - 'Bombay Bubbler' (Universal / Xlantic)
J Skills - 'Mankeh' (Moviebox)
Jay Sean - 'Eyes On You (Rishi Rich Club mix feat. Juggy D)' (Relentless)
Arkan feat. C.O.V. ,Preacher & Channer - 'Somethings On Me' (Nakra Productions)
Tarli Digital - 'Jaaniya' (Moviebox)
JÂ'Kwon - 'Typsy (Trailblazerz Mix)' (Bootleg)
Dum Child feat. Ms. K - 'Aaja Re' (Demo)
Sonik Gurus - 'Aa Tayar Hoja' (Swaraj Records)
Orchestral World Groove - 'Made In India' (Stoned Asia Records)
DJ Meddafore feat Shannon Swain & The 1 Shanti - 'Hey Naah! (The Response)
J Skillz feat. Manjinder Purewal/ Kuldip Paaras - 'Talk Tonite/Jawani'
Outlandish - 'Life is a Loom' (Live Track)
Lil Sach - 'Kokey Tey' (Envy)
Bobby B - 'Break Loose' (Demo)
Kurunesh - 'Punjab' (Universal/Xlantic)
The Bhutan Philarmonic - 'Asu Padiya' (Freeworld Records)

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