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3 Oct 2014
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King Adora Live Chat
Updated 24 Oct 2001

King Adora (sometime earlier) The week before their headline gig for Steve Lamacq and the Evening Session at One Live in Birmingham King Adora took part in an online chat. They were in good spirit and answered loads of your questions about music, live and mice.
Read the transcript here..

Lola: We haven't seen you since the Reading festival - what have you been up to?
King Adora Dan: We've been working on the next album, getting new material together, doing demos, and drinking. And we've been looking for the lord...
King Adora Maxi: The new album is a progression from the last one. The tunes are there, and it rocks a lot harder. It's kind of the album we would have done first, but we don't mind that it's the second one.

Tricky: What can we expect from the Birmingham show?
King Adora Robbie: You can expect some old and new songs, a very exciting show with lots of energy.

Ike: How do you prepare for going on stage and playing a big gig?
King Adora Martyn: By drinking. Having a few beers, exercising, having a big hug and a band slap.

Andy Matthews: Any tips for any bands just about to play their first gig?
King Adora Dan: Get on and rock, and don't be scared to do what you do.
King Adora Fred: Just rock it, don't worry about the audience.
King Adora Maxi: We were quite drunk on our first gig, so my advice to new bands is to rehearse properly.

Sam-with-glue-in-her-hair: What's the best gig you've ever been to?
King Adora Maxi: I suppose seeing Transvision Vamp about 10 years ago was good because one of Wendy James' breasts popped out!
King Adora Dan: My best was the first one I went to - the Wildhearts
King Adora Maxi: They're gypsies!
King Adora Robbie: And Oasis.
King Adora Maxi: They're gypsies too!

Howey: How important do you think One Live is for live music in Birmingham?
King Adora Martyn: Very important for the city. It should be wicked.
King Adora Dan: And a lot of new bands too, so it's good they'll be getting attention.
King Adora Maxi: I think it would be unfair to namedrop new Birmingham acts, but there's a lot of diverse talent in the city, and I hope people will go to as many gigs as possible.
King Adora Dan: You can go and check out the local talent - and the bands as well!

Matt and Maxi live at One LIve in London Tinky Bionic: What would you do if you were on stage and an ickle mouse came and ran up your trouser leg? Would you let it continue it's journey or stop the gig to get rid of it?
King Adora Robbie: I used to have a mouse called Gerald. It depends. It's a bit of a sore point.
King Adora Dan: If it had its teeth removed, I'm sure it would be quite pleasurable.
King Adora Dan: I've got a dog, and we've got a hedgehog, but The Barfly in London is holding it to ransom until we pay our bar tab.

Chris Coombs: Which song do you like to play live the most?
King Adora Maxi: The four new ones that we'll be playing at this gig are what we enjoy playing live at the moment. But actually, we've never played them live!

Amanda Barker: I see you as a rather glamorous band? How important is it to you to be glamorous?
King Adora Ian: I was first attracted to these lads because they have a good image. But you can't be contrived. You have to walk it as well as talk it. It's just an extension of your expression, I suppose.

KitKat: You've got a lot of fan sites on the web - do you ever log on to any of them?
King Adora Dan: Yeah. Sometimes, if we get time to go on the Internet. We like to see what's going on. There are a couple of dodgy photos on some sites where we've been caught unawares!
King Adora Nelsta: There are body parts all over the place. The fans should have access to everything of the band, really.

Jude: Do you really wear clothes that fans send you?
King Adora Dan: I've had a couple of t-shirts and I've been wearing them. If we like the things we get sent, we'll wear them. We got a thong once...

Kerbface1: What's the most unusual request you've ever had from a fan?
King Adora Robbie: Spanking! It was a good night that!

Jen: What's the funniest rumour you've heard about yourself that you wish were true?
King Adora Maxi: The one that we were all raving homosexuals and sleeping together frequently.

Remi: Are you going to persist with the alter ego thing? Should we be calling you Maxi or Matt?
King Adora Maxi: Call me Maxi when you address me, properly. You can be one person one moment and another the other. We're hoping to build up the alter ego thing at the moment.
King Adora Dan: We've got pills for it.
King Adora Maxi: It makes it more fun for us. You can invent it to be whatever you want.

Maxi a bit blurred Heather Blankley: What do you think about being compared to the Manics?
King Adora Maxi: It's something that comes up again and again. We wear make-up and play punky emotionally charged songs and want to be an important band. That's not the Manics' copyright. As far as early Manics goes, it's flattering, but we're King Adora, and we are different.

Heartspark Dollarsign: Do you guys argue a lot or do you generally get on?
King Adora Dan: We get on really well. We go out quite a lot together and go drinking together. No one else likes us, so we have to get on.

Jen: What was your most embarrassing moment in front of the fans?
King Adora Martyn: Max threw a bottle of water on me on stage once, and I was soaking wet. But I pissed in his tea.

Mrs: If you were stranded on a desert island and you had to eat one member of the band, who would it be?
King Adora Maxi: I suppose we'd have to start on the Nelsta because he has a strong back. So we'd have a nice feed.

Pink: How long does it take to do your make up?
King Adora Maxi: Not long, about ten minutes. I'm very well practised.

Mizuki: Which is your best way to communicate with people? 1. Talking 2. Writing 3. Singing 4. Shagging
King Adora Dan: It depends on who you're communicating with. They're all good ways of communicating. But to communicate with my mother, I talk instead of shagging her.

Felix: What was the idea behind 'Big Isn't Beautiful'?
King Adora Maxi: The idea was to offend as many overweight people as possible. No! It wasn't... It's quite obvious that it was from the point of view from an anorexic male. It's quite honest, but because it's controversial, people get a bit angry about it.
King Adora Dan: It's fairly straightforward what it means.

Heather Blankley: Do you find any of your fans strange?
King Adora Nelsta: On the whole, no. I think they're the most important people to us. I think they're wonderful and beautiful.

Kirsty Kix: What do you like the most about being in a band?
King Adora Maxi: Not having to go to work! You get to see a lot of different places. It's fantastic.
King Adora Robbie: You get to articulate yourself musically and lyrically on a wider scale.
King Adora Dan: The perks are wonderful and the downsides are terrible - the depression, the longing for the next drink - you don't understand! No, it's quite emotionally tiring what you do. You're not really in control of your live, ever.

Maxi at Reading Paul: What current bands are you into? Anyone you'd like to tour with?
King Adora Dan: We'd like to do a line-up with Black Sabbath and Duran Duran. They're our daddy band and mummy band, and we're the baby band. They're both from Birmingham.

Queenforaday: Dan, have you ever injured anybody with your hair?
King Adora Dan: Erm...I haven't yet, no.

Jay: Just wanted to know whether Matt (Maxi) prefers pink or purple feather boas?
King Adora Maxi: Oh, pink. Purple's the colour of morning, unless you draw the curtains...

Rachel: Is it true that 'Bionic' was going to be the soundtrack to the new Spiderman movie?
King Adora Dan: We heard that as well, but it's not true. The people who work for us were lying again!

Anna Pettman: Maxi recently did a DJ set for the 'Stay Beautiful' club. Do any of you have plans to do more DJ'ing as apparently Maxi DJ'ed very well?
King Adora Maxi: I did. Playing stuff that you're really into for an hour, getting p****d, I'd love to do more of it again, love to.
King Adora Dan: I'm pretty bad at it.
King Adora Maxi: Because he's blind...

Heather Blankley: If you could get rid of any band that's on the scene at the minute, who would it be?
King Adora: (All) We love them all. As long as it's music, we don't care. We love every band everywhere. Except for Muse and Toploader. We don't like Muse because they're a bit uptight, you know...
King Adora Dan: And we don't like these acoustic bands having a mid-life crisis.

Tinky Bionic: Did you know that 'Bionic' was once used over to the credits of Match Of The Day? If so, what did you think?
King Adora: (All) It was nice, because they won the title with it. It was the last music of the season.

Kirsty Kix: What are you doing for Chrimbo?
King Adora (All): We're hoping that volunteers will come round, shower us with gifts and keep us warm this year. We're gonna get all the Cliff Richard records out and put our logs on the fire! We might release a sort of death metal 'Away in a Manger' or something...

Radio 1 Host: Sorry, that's all we've got time for. Here's King Adora with a final word...
King Adora (All): We look forward to seeing you at the gig in Birmingham. We'll also be playing four dates in December. We're sure you'll be pleased with the new album, so we hope you'll like it, because you're all we've got!

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