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3 Oct 2014
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Updated 17 Oct 2001

Crackout under sky Buckingham boys Crackout have already impressed Jo Whiley with their single 'You Dumb F**k' and album 'This is Really Neat', so she's asked them along to play live on her One Live in Birmingham show. We spoke to Nick from the band about their new album, playing live and female bass players...

We last talked to you at Reading backstage in your tour bus, what has happened to you since then?
We did a one off gig with American Hi-fi, but apart from that we've done nothing but interviews and photo shoots.

Have you enjoyed it?
Yeah, we went to Paris the other day and spent some time there just doing a few interviews and spending our Record Label's money on food.

How long have you been playing live for?
We got together in February 1997, and did our first gig in September 1997, so it's a long time.

How many gigs do you think you've done?
Probably 300-400.

You've done some impressive support slots with the like of Nine Inch Nails and Amen, who has it been best playing with?
Amen was great just because they are such an amazing band, we learnt so much from watching them every night. Also doing the Weezer shows, it's brilliant to see our idols live. It was Steven who got me into Weezer, they are such a good soundtrack to life growing up as a teenager.

Crackout suited Have you ever played Birmingham?
A few times, we played the Academy and The Flapper and Firkin. It's really good fun, The Flapper and Firkin has a really good crowd and a good club.

Are you looking forward to playing on Jo Whiley's show?
It's going to be different because we don't do that much acoustic stuff. It's exciting because we can play about with the song and not do the usual rock band version, we may do something different with it. It's a bit of a challenge, but probably the biggest challenge will be getting out of bed that early.

How come you ended up recording the album in Texas?
We said we'd work wherever David Eaton, the producer, wanted to because we wanted him to use a studio he knew and he could get the best results from. He said Austin in Texas at Willie Nelson's studio, which is a big country and western studio. It actually worked out far far cheaper to fly to Texas with our gear and use their studio than it would be to record it in London.

What was the Austin Texas like?
It was a really big town, but small compared to American cities, and it had a really small town atmosphere. We were right in the centre and everyone knew each other. Everything was geared towards music, the buildings were either record shops, vintage clothing shops or a music venue.

Did you fit in?
Yeah we did, apart from everyone thinking we were Australian and not being able to understand what we were saying. There was such a laid back feeling. We thought they'd be burnings of anyone who didn't fit in with the cowboy way, but Austin was the complete opposite of that.

What are your favourite tracks on the album?
My favourites are probably the 'grower' ones, the ones which aren't so immediate like 'Barricaded', 'Fairytail Nothing', 'Edit' and 'Volume' - I think people will get into them over time. I think when people listen to the record for the first time they will like the songs like 'Dumb F**k' and 'I am the One', but it's an album which really grows on you.

Crackout in the sky Are these new songs or have they been around for a long time?
'Volume' is quite an old song, it goes back to 1996 when we were only 14 or 15. 'Barricaded' was written just before we left for Texas. Everything else was written in between them, so it is kind of Crackout's journey through time.

How did you get signed?
Our management tried to get us a support slot on the last Smashing Pumpkins tour by playing one of our songs to the label Hut. However the guy at Hut said Catherine Wheel had already got the support slot but asked them to play him some more stuff. They did and he said, "they've got a deal if they want one".

Have you any plans to get a female bass player like Ash and JJ72?
We used to have one, but we just drifted apart. During the last year at school she didn't want to go the full way with the band and had different plans for life. Steven and me wanted to take the band is far as we could and then Jack came along. We've completely lost touch with her now.

What's next for the band?
We are doing the NME tour with Vex Red and The Pattern, and we may be doing more touring following that or recording B sides. Next year we'll hopefully be doing a headline tour of Britain, then all the festivals. There'll also be more singles from the album.

Click here to watchSee the video of 'You Dumb F**k'

You can hear Crackout play live on Jo Whiley's show from 10am on October 29th. The album 'This Is Really Neat' is out through Hut Recordings the week before.

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