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Your Big Weekend


Were you in Camperdown Park? Here's what some of the people there thought.

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We asked you to send in your photos. You can see a selection on this site:

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We also invited two photo bloggers to cover the weekend in their own style. You can see their photos here:

Your reviews

Here's just some of the hundreds of the reviews we received.

Gail Burns
Keane were absolutly FANTASTIC!!! I actually lost my voice screaming and shouting and singing along, you saved the best til last Radio 1 !! Amazed when it was revealed that Franz Ferdinand were the mystery guest - they rocked!! Loved meeting Laura from Scott Mills show too - she's fab!

Emma from Hamilton
THANK YOU SO MUCH RADIO 1!!!! Managed to get tickets for the Sunday and there isn't a word in the world which can describe how fantastic the day was. Atmostphere was magic, crowd (as per usual) was absolutely fantastic and the performances were amazing! The Ordinary Boys totally surprised me, they were fantastic and proved that their talent isn't only riding on the back of a reality tv show. I honestly had forgotten how good a band Feeder were too, and their set was excellent. Finished the day off with The Zutons, the atmostphere in the INMWT text was unbelievable. What a fantastic day, don't leave it so long to come back Radio 1! x

What a great weekend,highlights were The Kooks,The View,Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Editors. The fringe gigs were great aswell and i managed to catch a local Dundee band called Rising Signs who blew me away. Thanks for the great weekend and thanks to the people of Dundee for making it a great weekend.xx

wee Dawn & Tosh Fae Airdrie
Radio 1, thank u, thank u, thank u!!! we had the most amazing time (sun) couldnt have asked for anything better, the line up was fab and well organised & the atmosphere was electric, cant stop talking about it, the Kooks and The Zutons were my highlights but pink & feeder were fab 2, luv 2 u all :) xx

Ally Balfour (Montrose)
What a day Sunday was! so many highlights, so many amazing performances, esp We are Scientists, Feeder, Editors, Kooks and Keane and as for chucking in Franz Ferdinand, and all the djs in between, it was simply excellent! Cheers for such a great atompsphere and amazing gig! - Montrose next time - dare you!

Laura Bain - Dundee
Sunday was amazing! All the bands were great well I only got to see the ones in the main tent was just at the front and didn't dare move all day! Was great to see the Franz Ferdinand was the surprise act they were awesome and pink was great aswell god PINK IN DUNDEE!! Was soo jealo of my mate who got Feeder's drumstick!!

Wanted to say a big thankyou to Radio 1 for a fantastic day on Saturday. It could not have been scripted better. Both my teams (Hearts and Liverpool) won their respective Cup Finals and i got to see one of my favourite bands Muse. They blew me away with their wall of sound. Their new material sounded brilliant and interlaced with some classics made for an electric and thoroughly exhilirating performance. Only downside was that they only got to play 7 songs, and Stockholm Syndrome was not one of them!!! Still, you can't have it all!!! Cheers.

Les & Al, Dundee
We were there on Sunday. Kicked off with The Feeling - will be buying their album. I was a bit upset that Sugababes didn't play "Red Dress" - "Cos I'm cooler than a red dress!" Editors were the best, but I was desperate for the loo, so jumped about in the queue! Franz Ferdinand absolutely brilliant, what a surprise! The Zutons and Keane were fab! Didn't stop all day, beer, band, wee, band, food, beer, band! My complaints would be too many tall people (shorta*se) and the weather, brrr! But it got rid of my cold! Radio One you should bottle it - it cures all ills! Please bring more music to Dundee!!! Cheers

Baz Murphy (Dundee)
Radio 1 you are awesome. Thanks for bringing an amazing thing to Dundee. Thought all bands were great. Particularly thought the main stage serenading Moylsey to "You Fat B.....d" was hilarious, he took it well. Unfortunately missed most of Muse as I had to wait for about an hour in the toilet queue. Radio 1 you've definately won a lot more fans in Dundee. Thanks again

I was not there in Dundee, but I was there on-line and through digital radio. Thank you Radio 1 for all the great on-line stuff, streeming video, photo's, and listen again ...... and I will! Best bits for me were, Bloc Party, Razorlight, Primal Scream, and Gnarls Barkley on SAT. Feeder, Zutons, Franz Ferdinand, and Keane on SUN. But as for Muse and Snow Patrol, well, they just stole the show. You captured a fantastic atmosphere on the radio as well as on-line. Truly awesome, I was addicted all weekend. Outstanding radio 1.

Sarah (Dundee)
You probs won't post this but I ask you NEVER to do a ballot again for the sake of the poor deserving people who never got to go due to the awful organisation of the ballot. I'm pretty sure if you do a good ol' first come-first serve next time the proper music fans will get to go instead. DUNDONIANS DESERVE JUSTICE! Good luck with next year, hope it turns out better than this year's disaster! Byeeee x

Leanne & Ross
Had a ball all weekend. Arrived in Carnoustie on Friday for camping and partied all weekend (apologies to the other campers if we kept you up!!) Dirty Pretty Things were amazing and being right at the front for Primal Scream was the best thing I have ever experienced. When's the next one?!?!?!?!?!?!

Brian and Emma (Dundee)
Chris Moyle's Karaoke on Friday night was superb (thanks Vernon) and Saturday in Camperdown - Razorlight, The Streets and Snow Patrol all awesome. Thanks Radio 1

Callum McDonnell (liverpool!)
Even though i was GUTTED i didnt win tickets... i was made up with the amount of coverage on radio and online and on tv.. it felt as if i was actually part of it!! thanks! :)

Wee Leslee
Loved Listening to Razorlight (outside unfortunatley)on Sat, but the response as Johnny sang 'I really really wish I could be somewhere else instead' was sung with a laugh from us lot. Sunday inside was great, Editors, The Kooks, We are Scientists, The Zutons, The Ordinary Boys, Feeder and to top it off Franz Ferdinand and Keane, the crowd went mental. Hold on have I just mentioned half the line up, oh well must have enjoyed the whole thing then! Jamie working back stage (OOOHHH) had his 40th and won't forget it mingling with the stars. Thanks Radio 1 for coming to our side of the world, it was fabby. X

First of all - congratulations on putting a superb days fun together(on my birthday too-double celebration!!) Muse were simply awesome, tho' I can't see why they were so far down the bill and played so short a time, especially when you see the comments that it was the band everyone would want to see headlining. My only complaint is that why we had to listen to the dross that is Mylo, when the REAL bands could have had more time on stage. Everyone else was terrific(Boy Kill Boy are looking good to be the next big thing!!!). Thanks again!!!!

mad rocker with the funny hat
Paolo Nutini definently has a future in front of him, he was soooo lovely and indeed was Corinne Bailey Rae. Muse were my favourite act, bloomin brilliant Bliss live was amazing thanks radio1 !!

Regan (Fife)
Sunday was superb.The Kooks were out of this world and deserve to be sooooo famous. Was totally amazing to see Pink in Dundee!! The day went too fast x

Sue in Cupar
We Love Radio1, Sunday was just awesome, I loved everyone but Franz Ferdinand and Keane were amazing!!! Atmos was first class, thanks Radio1 and please come back soon xxx

Muse. Absolutely immense. Love the new songs, love the old songs, send shivers down my spine every time I see them live! Thanks!

Kath Bernard
Got surprised at work with tickets to Sunday's festivities! Missed the first 2 hours but saw everyone I wanted to see. THE KOOKS!!! They were absolutely fantastic. Editors and Feeder were amazing as well, so glad I was able to go and that it was in Dundee!! Absolutely brilliant!

Wayne Messenger
Saturday rocked. Thank you Radio 1. Truely amazing and I survived it all an English man from Carlisle. Truely euphoric!!!!!!!!!!

Razorlight and Snow Patrol were amazing, it was a brilliant atmosphere and everyone was having a great time!!!!!! Bands on the New Music stage gave really good performances and I'm looking forward to hearing more!

Gav Taylor
Oh my God.....Radio 1 thank you, Saturday was such an amazing day! I can't believe I met Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard from Muse!!! I love them so much, what made it even more special is they played Bliss which is the first song I ever heard from them and still remains my fave!! Snow Patrol were fantastic live as well...I can't belive they played Run and Spitting Games, that was totally a fantastic experience and the whole day was fantastic!!! Thanks again guys.

Michael (Dundee)
Saturday & Sunday was amazing, great weekend. We Are Scientists were amazing, Muse were great, the View were shockingly good! Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Zutons were amazing. Thanks very much Radio 1!!!

Rebecca & Stuart
To The Legends At Radio 1, Saturday was an absolute excellent Day! Bloc Party were superb and the incident with Tim Westwood DJ'n in the INMWT Tent was hilarious!! Holla!! LOL! Thanks Radio 1 for a well remembered day, please come back again!P.S. VERNON KAY! Chris Moyles side was by far the best =D

The Editors were magic, Pink was sooperb (actually everyone was great). Franz ferdinand omigod!!! We met a Radio 1 star earlier in the day and they told us that it was Franz Ferdinand who were the guests so we managed to get right to the front it was MAGIC. Radio 1 you are a fine organisation please come back, Dundee loves you! Well done on throwing a great event!

Lauren Milloy
OMG!! It was Amazing!! Muse were Fantastic, I managed to get right to the barrier for the Streets and Snow Patrol!! It was bloody brilliant!! Can't believe it's all over, well worth getting up at 4 in the mornin and travellin 6hrs for! :D xxx

Sunday was brilliant, all bands were excellant, organisation was really good & Keane were the ultimate finale, absolutely brilliant, had the crowd rocking. Thank u 2 Radio 1 for coming to Dundee.

Come back soon!!
If I'm honest! I hated it!! Thought it was RUBBISH!! Haha just kiddin!! What a weekend! Quality Radio 1!! Fantastic!! Great Bands, well organised, and brilliant atmosphere! KEEP IT UP!! QUALITY!!

was an amazin day! never been to anythin like this before, n this certainly scored points in my book! Snow Patrol were GREAT, the Streets were amazing!! gutted tho, i soooo wanted to see Colin Murray!!:(

Steve Clark
Sunday was fantastic,the best day by far and i swapped tickets from saturday to sunday then get to see Franz Ferdinand get in there!!!!What happened to moyles in the signing tent?overall though fantastic and cheers for picking Dundee this year Radio 1.

susan (perthshire)
Thankyou so much for a brilliant day on sunday-what a great line up with a surprise performance from franz ferdinand.Loved every minute of it and am still rockin around the place.

Gillian (Kilmarnock)
I had the best day ever on Sunday. Your surprise guests Franz Ferdinand made my day complete they were amazing. Thanks for coming to scotland radio one.

Mark Stewart - DUNDEE
What a quality weekend!!! Had a superb time!! The way the whole event was organised was brilliant! For me The Streets, Snow Patrol and Razorlight stole the show!! Thumbs up to Radio 1!! U get better and better!!!! Keep up the gd work!!

Hannah in Dundee
I had the best time on Sunday. Feeder were amazing, they blew me away with Just a Day and got the whole crowd jumping with Buck Rogers. They couldn't have been better. Franz were brilliant too - blew me away. I had a blast jumping about with my yellow hat in the front row. :D Great weekend Radio 1. I salute you.

Celia from Stirling
Wow. when it was announced Franz F were coming on it just put a huge cherry on the top of our cake,, Fantastic day on sunday, Thanks a million Radio 1, your the best..

Steven Wallace
Just amazing, had the time of my life! All these big stars in Dundee!! Whoohoo, thnx Radio 1! One thing though, does this get released on DVD?

Thank you Radio One for a fab weekend. Travelled up for Saturday's gig from Whitehaven in Cumbria & it was well worth it. Razorlight were fantastic, followed closely by Primal Scream & Snow Patrol - EXCELLENT.

Absolutely superb, Snow Patrol were fantastic. Worth travelling so far at such short notice to have possibly the best weekend of my life!!! Thank you so much Radio One. Still recovering from my hangover though, lol!

Best weekend EVER. On saturday Muse&Razorlight were utterly awesome...on sunday The Kooks The Zutons yeah yeah yeahs and we are the scientists were amazing!!Thanks radio 1 :)

Colin A
Thought Pink and Keane were brilliant but nothing topped Tbe View, they were absolutely superb. Oh, and Edith was looking extremely hot!!

Kevin McCann, Cumbernauld
Muse were absolutely unreal. Their new stuff sounds so good. They're the best live band in the world. I was blown away by Razorlight and The Streets, considering I wasn't that big a fan before. I had to do half and half for Primal Scream and Snow Patrol and both were excellent. WHAT A DAY. I LOVE CHRIS MOYLES AND JO WHILEY...MARRY ME!

I'm gutted I didn't actually get to go, but MUSE totally rocked my socks off on the tv highlights!! Bring on the new album and tour!!

Absolutely brilliant!! i had a great time - really enjoyed snow patrol & Razolight. Enjoyed Paolo Nutini and loved Chris Moyles but it was Muse who stole the show - they just get better and better can't wait for the new album. Only thing i'd say is Muse should have been on for longer and headlining and the tickets should have been sent out special delivery - damn posties!! Apart from that loved it - come back soon.

Absolutely fantastic weekend. I felt fortunate to win tickets to both days and I haven't had as good a weekend in a long time. Especially sunday. Hot Chip! We Are Scientsts! Yeah Yeah Yeah! The Kook! Too many exclamation marks! Proper loving it.Yasss

Sunday was absolutely fantastic - Franz Ferdinand and The Editors were awesome, the Dance Party was out of this world! What a line up! Loved every drunken second! Come back again soon all of you!!

Claire Louise McDougall
my oh my! What a day! Just home, and watchin the highlights on the telly!! Ta very much radio 1...we had a bra time hae'in yiz up! Yir mare than welcum ti come back anytime! Haha!! Much love xx ps the view rule

david lennon
Once again Muse played everyone off the stage, for a 3 piece band they have some serious stage presence adn created an awsome atmosphere. Easily the best live british band around just now few could argue. Really looking forward ot thier new album out soon. Razorlight and bloc party were also gd. Snow patrol are a little bland In my opinon not that different.

Gillian Stewart
I just wanna say on behalf of me and my Mate(Jenny) What a FANTASTIC day we had today (Sun)Could not have asked for anything better... The weather was great, Sun was shinning and the acts were fantasic franz ferdinand what a shocker BRILLANT, and got to meet the wonderful Vernon Kay haha... Just wanna say overall FANTASTIC!!! and hopefully get you all back in a couple of Years as this has really placed Dundee on the Map and Camperdown is def the place to hold it CHEERS RADIO 1..

Wow...!!! Franz Ferdidand were absolutely amazing..CLASS! I'm still on the high i was on while watching them!! Thnx Radio 1!! One Big Weekend was brilliant and Dundee loves u!

Jen Marchbanks
Sat was amazin! Razorlite and Mystery Jets were wel good but Dirty Pretty Things were th hi-lite of my day- totally worth bin crushed at th front!!

Ow, laggy. So many avatars in the same region. Wow, thanks to the BBC for letting the onliners and nerds have the conncert and streaming it to SL.

Mark Clayson
The best thing that has ever happened in Dundee well forever!! Loved everything. Everything. WOW thank you radio one. we can go back to our boring lives content for another decade. WOW

Kerry Allan
WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Spent most of the day in the In Mew Music We Trust tent and it was AMAZING! Most of my favourite bands playing under one tent! The atmosphere was amazing!!The highlights were The Mystery Jets, Dirty Pretty Things, Bloc Party and Snow Patrol!!!ROLE ON THE FESTIVE SEASON!Thanks Radio 1! The best day of my life - Saturday 13th May! xxxx

Richard+Claire (Dundee)
Great Karaoke Night on Friday, great banter today. Keane, Kooks, Franz, Pink and the Zutons all class today. Cheers Radio 1, also a big thanks to Dr Mark!

alan connor
A fantastic day.Feeder rocked the tent.Fab surprise with Franz Ferdinand,Keane took control.Sugababes sucked,they went through a routine,and seemed bored!Quite simply,a day to remember.Dundee is a place more bands should come to.

Feeder and Editors were amazing - whole crowd just went for it. Personal highlight has to be Moyles coming out to take a pic of Franz Ferdinand and chatting with us lowly crowd. The man is a legend!

Nia James
Sunday was amazing with a great set from 'We Are Scientists' then the mystery guests of Franz were amazing and the crowd was fantastic too. Keane did a great job of finishing up although i did get soaked from people throwing stuff about.

Congratulations Radio 1!!! I have been sat at home watching and listening to a fantastic weekend of music and entertainment! No ticket for me this time, and I am SO jealous of all of you who got tickets to Camperdown Park, just wish I could have been there........

Saf Akram
Saturday was excellent!!! Watched some of my favourite bands, rubbed shoulders with the stars, enjoyed every minute. Only wish I'd got tickets for Sunday too. Can't wait until next year. Great work all at Radio 1!!!

i ttl loved the streets ryt at the front n mike skinner was stunnin i was drunk so only member bits of it but muse were gr8! thanks radio1 ure total stars

Jennifer O'Neill
Thank you SO much Radio1! It was the first festival I've been to and I really enjoyed it! The Fratellis, Corrine Bailey Rae, Gnarls Barkley, Razorlight totally rocked!! Snow Patrol were out of this world! Been re-living it all again on tv!THANK YOU!

Les Mc (Dundee)
WOW!!!, Saturday was just fantastic, the atmosphere in Campy was electric, the weather was fine and the music was amazing, highlights for me were, Razorlight, Muse and Snow Patrol. Big thanks to Radio 1 for an awsome day. Come back soon.......please

Daz & Marie Perth
What a FANTASTIC DAY OUT Saturday was.Primal Sream ROCKED!!!And even got my photo taken with Edith,Fern,Vernon and even BB ALED.Thanks Radio 1 for bringing such a great show to Dundee.Please come back soon??????

David, Cumbernauld
Really good atmosphere- even the toilet queues were a good laff. And nice wine is always a bonus. The bands were amazing and there was always something to do between bands. First class. Please come back to scotland, as we love it!

Trevor Clark
Saturday was excellent. Snow Patrol did not fail to dissapoint with a blindin set and they whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and it was great hearing new material from my favourite bands, "America" by Razorlight is a future anthem, cannot wait for their new album to get released, and "Ivy Parker" by Boy Kill Boy is a monster of a tune. Also, was not a massive fan of the Streets, but watched their set and thought it was fantastic, the atmosphere was amazing and when they played "Never Went To Church" and "Dry Your Eyes" at the end it was very special. What an absolutely amazing day, I will never forget it, Cheers Radio 1.

Pam & Greg (Dundee)
We managed to go to both days, and it was brilliant. I loved Bloc Party and Muse, Pam loved Sugababies & we both loved the best suprise ..... FRANZ FERDINAND!!!!

Rhian Vickers
OH MY GOD! What an awesome saturday! Snow patrol rocked & Razorlight were amazing. Didn't want it to end although my legs were struggling holding me up by the end (not sure if that was cos of all the jumping around or the cider....)Thanks Radio 1 xxx

Hels Bels
Muse: just so special and an out-of-this-world performance. I expected better of Snow Patrol, but Razorlight were on top form. But no-one could touch Muse for their sheer bravado and artistic genius ... they are exalted.

Paula (Dundee)
WOW!! Thanks radio 1 for putting on an amazing Sunday show!! It was great to see massive bands in Dundee for a change!! Franz Ferdinand turning up was the icing on the cake!! Had an excellent time - until the next big weekend!!!!

Saturday was amazing! Muse, Razorlight (Even though I got squashed at the front by everyone behind) & Snow Patrol really got the crowd going wild. Can't believe I passed Jo Whiley & Annie Mac within inches without even realising! lol

fiona williamson
snow patrol were the best part of saturday! never mind the amazing weather and gettin to meet colin murray! thanks radio 1 for a brillian weekend and congratulations to snow patrol for one wicked performance x

julie in glasgow
snow patrol were the cream of the crop on saturday. their mind blowing performance topped off a fantastic day and i cannot thank you enough, radio 1, for making it all happen. cheers xx

Emma Bellerby
THANKYOU SO MUCH RADIO1! Travelled from York to get there and it was the most amazing thing ever...although i did nearly die at the front of razorlite!

Joanna (edinburgh)
Muse were definatley the beeeeeest, although I did get winded at least twice (well worth it), boy with the rage against the machines tee-shirt where did you go?!

Shivvy Stewart
i ttly loved snow patrol arrrgh and MYLO!! No one seems to be mentioning him was totally awesome. i met chris moyles argh! i'm in love. CHEERZ RADIO 1 WE ALL HAD A FANTASTIC TIME!!!!! come again!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

Sarah L.
We luuuuuuuuuuuvved ORSON = AWESOME! Gnarls Barkley put on an excellent show and Snow Patrol had everyone in a tizzy!!!! Luved it!

Lynsey McIntosh, Aberdeen
Best day out ever! Everything was so well organised... Apart from only having 1 cash machine in the whole field!! That que was nuts! Loved Bloc Party & The Streets... The dance party was the highlight of my weekend, Fergie rocked the place! Bring on Coloursfest! Thanks Radio 1! xxx

Fiona Todd
Loved Saturday! Absolutely immense! Got a kiss of Westwood...holla!!! Was a fantastic day, everyone was great. Nice one Radio1! Best radion station by far :D

Michelle Cowan
Brilliant show on Saturday, Snow Patrol were the best by far. I loved the fact that they couldn't quite believe all the crowd were singing all the words with them! Well done and thanks to Radio 1!

Saturday was a great day! Best act for me was the first I saw...the Fratellis. Excellent show and though I didn't know a few of the songs they got me dancing and singing along...pure quality. Loved the set, loved them. Thanks Radio 1 for an awsome day!

Scott Kinnear
An 11th hour chance to go and to see Snow Patrol amongst many, it was absolutely brilliant, Thanks to Radio1 for everything, bringing the entertainment to dundee, for the organisation, and everyone who did their part, You fear getting crushed at these things but everything ran smoothly. please come again. thanks to everyone.

Nick James
Some great performances, from Razorlight and Bloc Party but Muse stole it for me with an awesome performance and some great now songs

Oh my Gawd!! Saturday was awesome!! best day ever the bands were fantastic and the atmosphere was outta this world!!

maria reynolds
Great weekend. The best thing EVER to happen in Dundee. Djs and acts were all briliant,snow patrol were superb! Thanks for a great day! Please come back soon. Just distribute the tickets more fairly instead of all us dundonians having to buy tickets. But was well worth it.X

Was there for Saturday. Asolutely brilliant. Main reason I was there, was for Snow Patrol, who blew the roof of the tent, but Razorlight, The Streets, Muse were superb. Thanks Radio 1 for bringing the event to Dundee!! Come back soon..

sam jackson
the best day of my life brought my love of music to another high. snow patrol amzing live so r muse and razorlight best day ever thanxs to radio 1

Lauren Shearer
Saturday was amazin!! The streets were definatley the best they really got the crowd going .. shame we had to go before snow patrol though! but they were excellent (watched the whole thing on tv when i got home!)

Muse and Razorlight were both awesome yesterday, with good crowd participation (you may have seen me jumping about like an idiot, I was the 6ft 6 guy). The only complaint I would have is that Muse didnt play for very long. All in all though, the whole of saturday was awesome.


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