Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend have crossed the Atlantic to bring Wales a taste of their indie rock sound. Two years ago the New Yorkers were part of the INMWT lineup, this year they are headliners. Records like Cousins and Horchata from second album Contra have been all over the airwaves, and now you can hear them in person.

Vampire Weekend at BBC Music

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Set List

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  • 1. White Sky
  • 2. Holiday
  • 3. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  • 4. M79
  • 5. California English
  • 6. Cousins
  • 7. Run
  • 8. A-Punk
  • 9. Blakes
  • 10. Giving Up The Gun
  • 11. Horchata
  • 12. Mansard Roof
  • 13. Walcott

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Playing information

In New Music We Trust Stage

Sunday 23rd May

Tipped by

Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe
on Radio 1

Latest Album

Vampire Weekend - Contra

Complex yet rewarding follow-up from the New York foursome.

More Vampire Weekend album reviews at


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