Last year's Rated R saw Rihanna come back with a new, edgier image, tracks like Hard and Russian Roulette rocking cold synths and dancehall beats. She's back in the UK with her Last Girl On Earth tour, and today Bangor gets a glimpse of the girl giving R&B an angry, electronic makeover.

Rihanna at BBC Music

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Set List

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  • 1. Madhouse
  • 2. Hard
  • 3. Disturbia
  • 4. Rudeboy
  • 5. Te Amo
  • 6. Russian Roulette
  • 7. Please Don't Stop The Music
  • 8. SOS
  • 9. Umbrella

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Playing information

Main Stage

Sunday 23rd May

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on Radio 1

Latest Album

Rihanna - Rated R

She’s transformed into a revenge-hunting, firebrand diva – and it suits her.

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