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BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend - 9th-10th May Lydiard Park Swindon

Line up / Franz Ferdinand


This year, Franz Ferdinand's third album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand, saw the Glaswegian band add African and dub reggae influences to their smart, danceable pop. They took to the Main Stage at Big Weekend with their impeccably-styled indie.

Franz Ferdinand at BBC Music


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Franz Ferdinand performing at Radio 1's Big Weekend


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Set List

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  • 1. Matinee
  • 2. Turn It On
  • 3. Do You Want To?
  • 4. No You Girls
  • 5. Walk Away
  • 6. Take Me Out
  • 7. Ulysses
  • 8. What She Came For
  • 9. This Fire

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    • 1. At 8:34pm on 10 May 2009, 04fabulous wrote:


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    • 2. At 5:30pm on 11 May 2009, unitedqueendom wrote:

      jeffin??? wow ur pissed. lool. frans ferdinand awesome best band everrrrrrrrr. rocked big weekend

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    • 3. At 6:08pm on 11 May 2009, Rox wrote:

      Got a terrible response from the crowd even though they were decent enough to get a better one.

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    • 4. At 9:00pm on 12 May 2009, jan6167 wrote:

      Ok im 38, so maybe not qualified to write this, but I saw FF in Southampton after 15 years out of gig life and I have to say that they bloody rocked. The drummer is something to be reckoned with, so much better live!! This is a band that should have so much more recognition and to see just a couple of posts on their performance having heard it on radio - well it just doesnt make sense. I expected to come into this site and see so many mails but wow how disappointing. Guys come on, listen to their music, see them live, this band perform so much better live than on cd. I was totally blown away, yes i may be 38 now but in my day I saw bands that are icons now, these guys should be up there. No pretence, no flash vids these guys just love their music. Try them you wont be disappointed. Jx

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    • 5. At 8:38pm on 13 May 2009, George-O wrote:

      FF suffered the same fate as Kasabian! They both played amazing sets, but FF's crowd only went for Take Me Out while Kasabian's crowd went for Club Foot.

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    • 6. At 9:23pm on 13 May 2009, andy17_saints wrote:

      I love FF going to see them in Aberdeen soon canna wait.
      I also love the new album canna get enough of it people need to give them more credit for what they do and i totally agree with you jan6167.

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    • 7. At 3:55pm on 15 May 2009, Fezile wrote:

      Amazing performance. I love Franz Ferdinand.

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    • 8. At 10:21am on 17 May 2009, maddybel wrote:

      Franz did put on a fantastic performance, they are always great live. I've never seen such an unresponsive crowd at one of their live shows, and I have seen them at least 7 times. I think it was because a lot of people had got a good position to see Lily Allen and were not really interested in FF, although they usually manage to get a crowd going regardless. They don't seem to be getting the recognition they deserve at the moment - perhaps because they shun tabloid celebrity status?

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    • 9. At 05:49am on 21 May 2009, mattraybould wrote:

      That, unfortunately, is the problem with festivals. People try and cram in to see the big acts that are last or second to last on meaning good bands where there will be a great atmosphere (sometimes better than the "main act") have lots of people around the front of the stage who are quite indifferent to them.

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    • 10. At 10:30am on 28 Jun 2009, j20211 wrote:

      These were top klass last night really enjoyed watching them LIVE!!!!! :D how come all of the bands cant be live i dont understand the problem with it.

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    • 11. At 11:13pm on 28 Jun 2009, misskatiek wrote:

      .now no streaming to other areas of world and closing off from world now. sad day finding out this. shuts door on rest of world never a good thing.

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    • 12. At 4:53pm on 29 Jun 2009, mjbaker10 wrote:

      I'm not sure why there are comments about the crowd being unresponsive but it may depend on where you were. Maybe in the burger stands it was not happening but we were 3-10 places back depending on the time and it rocked! One of the best shows I've seen from 5 Glastonbury's. Great performance again and they should have been on the Pyramid stage this time. They are so underrated as they are one of the best live acts. There is so much crowd interaction missing from these highlights as they were on for an hour and a half and it was superb when they all played on the drums at the same time. I wish the BBC would upload the full set for every artist

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    • 13. At 4:59pm on 29 Jun 2009, mjbaker10 wrote:

      Please ignore or delete the above post as this was not for Radio 1's Big weekend! After watching Glastonbury Highlights it linked me to here after signing up to comment and I didn't realise.

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    • 14. At 6:53pm on 01 Jul 2009, Prodigykickass wrote:

      I agree with the above, I thought they were amazing and where I was standing it was rocking!!! I thought the crowd were great, your never going to startdancing away like you would to Pendulum who were on before.

      Can someone correct me if I am wrong, but didn't they're encore carry on for ages?? Or had the whiskey really kicked in by then? :)

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