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Grimmy's Guide to Maidstone

Nick Grimshaw needs you! Tell him the best places in Maidstone...

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This year Radio 1's Big Weekend is in Maidstone and we'd like folks who know the town to pitch in and tell Grimmy where to go.

Each Sunday, Nick will set a theme on his Radio 1 Switch show and invite you to send in your stories, tips and links to images and video via the form below - then we'll plot it on the map!

It's complete and utter Kent!

There's no place like Maidstone - check out the places you've recommended so far:

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  • Best Hangouts
  • Freak or unique of Maidstone

Give us your suggestion

Let us know your Maidstone tips! Please tell us the exact street or postcode so we can plot it on the map above. If you can, give us the URL of a photo of the location - or go and take a picture of you right there!

We'll put up as many of your reviews as possible but we cannot guarantee that will be published. The BBC reserves the right to edit reviews that are published.

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