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White Lies

Watch Death

White Lies performing on the BBC Introducing Stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

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Unfinished Businessmen

Big tunes and even bigger ambitions from the West London trio who want "15-year-olds to go away thinking we're their favourite new band."

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User reviews

they were absolutely amazing, one of the best bands of the weekend. i think this time next year they'll be on the main stage

Dan Stanford
Caught this band by pure luck and Im so glad I did. Incredibly tight band with real catchy tunes. Reminded me of The Killers abit.When Futureheads were on I saw White Lies watching and went over to say thanks for that and when are they releasing the album. Seemed real nice guys but Ive got to wait until September!

deb puxty
these guys were amazing!

laura williams
white lies were the best band at the whole event

james joyce
have known about this band since the end of fear of flying.. after hearing unfinished business, death and from the stars.. are the best band and will become one of the bigest bands in the world. amazing to see them getting a gig like this so early on..Go and see them .. they are INSANE live.x

love these guys, will be a sick set

AMAZING band, if they had been around any longer they would be headliners.

This band will be huge, all their songs i've heard so far are quality!!!!!!

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
Introducing stage

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