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Vampire Weekend

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Performing at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

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Vampire Weekend's much-loved, self-titled debut album drew influences from African pop and married chiming guitar to songs about obscure punctuation. They delighted Radio 1's Big Weekend with their literate lyrics and chiming guitar work.

Set List

  • Mansard Roof
  • Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
  • M79
  • I Stand Corrected
  • Bryn
  • M79
  • A-Punk
  • One (Blake's Got A New Face)
  • Campus
  • Oxford Comma

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User reviews

You guys got the party started alright! you should come over more often XXX

Amazing!! Highlight of my weekend at Maidstone.

They were absolutely superb at OBW. Brilliant live and really got the crowd going

Been listening to VW for a while and was not at all disappointed...blooming brilliant!

Saw them for the first time at big weekend yesterday. WOW! Definitely the band to watch in 2008

Brilliant brilliant brilliant, loving Vampire Weekend at the moment, band of the year 08 so far!

Absolutely loved them ... watched them on interactive, being very sceptical but radio 1 has changed my mind about there music ... amazing band, here gona be very big

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
In New Music We Trust stage

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