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Set List

  • This Ain't Sex
  • You Make Me Wanna
  • You Remind Me
  • You Don't Have To Call
  • Mountains
  • Confessions parts I & II
  • You Got It Bad
  • Burn
  • Here I Stand
  • What's Ya Name?
  • Yeah
  • Love In This Club

He makes you wanna...

After ruling the charts with modern R&B classics like Yeah and Caught Up, the Texan R&B sensation drops Love in This Club - the jump off track from 2008's album Here I Stand. Maidstone thrilled to Usher verve and energy. Not to mention his dance moves.

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User reviews

Chris Harding
Usher was brilliant, but what really topped my weekend was meeting him backstage and getting a pic with him!! not bad!!

Usher was AWESOME! Even if he was in Manchester.. :P

Michelle Lowrey
Saw him at the Radio One Big Weekend on Saturday. Fantastic - Love him to pieces. He can work a crowd.Thank you Radio One ! xxxx

Usher was fantastic waited for hour and a half 2nd line from the front to see him with my 12yr old son whom loves him!! well worth the wait!!

I Saw Usher at radio ones big weekend yesterday , he was amazing ! one of the highlights of my day !

man he can dance. hes such a wicked sexy preformer. i think by far hes was the best of the weekend and i cant wait till here i stand comes out!

Kate McDermott
Saw him today and I agree - he just seems like he' really enjoying himself when he plays to you and it makes the concert so much better. Oh,and catching his used towl is also a bonus...Arghhh! K

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Playing on

Saturday 1o May
Main stage opening act

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