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The Raconteurs

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Performing at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008

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Broken boy soldiers

This super-group consists of Jack White, Brendon Benson & friends. A side project that threatens to overshadow their day jobs, it's produced two album of epic rock and blues, the latest being 2008's Consolors of the Lonely. At Maidstone, they brought the In New Music We Trust Stage to an epic finale on Sunday night.

User reviews

Sarah Beautridge
Outstanding!!! They were just simply great. Thank You Radio One for bringing fantastic music to Kent.

I was almost at the front and they blew me away absolutely awesome! Jack and the boys really can rock!

ive seen the white stripes and i though they were pefect but the The Raconteurs were at anther level by far the best band at the weeked, and one of the best bands live that are touring at the moment

James W
Excellent show from an excellent band. Steady was great as was blue veins, plus great to hear the new stuff live. Jack knows how to use his guitar (and no Meg to carry in the Raconteurs)

My second time seeing them and again I was completely in awe of such spectacular guitar playing by Jack White and an all-round fantastic performance form the whole band! Rock on Raconteurs!

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Playing on

Sunday 11 May
In New Music We Trust stage

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