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Set List

  • Blood Sugar
  • Propane Nightmares
  • Voodoo People
  • Slam
  • Granite

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Drum 'n' bass in hyperspace

Beefing them up with a live band took these Western Australian mentalists to another level. Annie Mac wasn't alone in thinking Pendulum got one of the best crowd reactions of the weekend. The In New Music We Trust Stage was in pieces after they finished with it.

User reviews

Miss K
Pendulum were by far the highlight of the Sunday at Big Weekend. I dragged my friend, who had never heard of them, along on the off chance and both of us were completely elated with what we witnessed. Considering the went on at 2.30 (after Justice who were equally as mental!) and in such hot conditions, they managed to harness the crowds energy and hunger and turned it into something unbelievable - by the second song of the set the tent was bursting at the edges!!! When the boys blasted out with Slam the whole crowd seem to bounce in unison! They were just incredible. I've seen my fair amount of excellent artists, but these guys are among the cream of live performers - a definate must see.

Jason Scutt
Unbelieveable!! Pendulum were totally off the scale, the best band on the planet right now. The atmosphere in the tent was electric from start to finish. Thankyou Radio1, and thankyou Pendulum.

Jay :)
I was at the front and it was so intense. They got the crowd going and i have never had so much fun in my life. Legs hurt after though! lol

They were absoluletly awesome, just everytime they played a new song i got a chill down my back like no other, they were amazing, one of the best bands ive ever seen, i just wish they were on stage so they could play there best songs, e.g slam and taruntula

Ray Standage
Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and tingly all over. Absolutely a must see live. Pendulum are almost single handedly bringing D&B into the mainstream.

Saw them on the INMWT stage... Absolutely out of this world, the most amazing atmosphere, my favourite of the day!

vanessa carlton
pendulum were great couldnt get in the tent but was raving outside, the best!!

Kieran Barry
This performance alone made the whole event worth while, bring on Big Weekend 2009 is all i can say!

Hayley Hayman
Been loving Pendulum's music for the last 6 months and Sunday at the Radio 1 Weekender was the first time I've seen them live....they were the best band I saw all day... out of this world, AWESOME!!! Even my 62 yr old dad loved 'em!!! Definitely buying the new album 'In Silico' and definitely going to see them LIVE again.....THANK YOU RADIO 1 ! Hayley H from Maidstone xx

James Wilson
I was near the front waiting for them to come on stage, as soon as they kicked off the first tune the whole crowd surged forward it was crazy! Out of all the sets I saw that day, that had the best atmosphere, the Drum n Bass vibe as it should be!!!

these guys just blew the inmwt stage away. it was absolutley packed to the point you could barely breathe yet everyone still went mental

Lola Cascino
Pendulum rocked! They stole the weekend. xxx

Nicholas Bracewell
The only reason I went to the Big Weekender !! I watched them twice !! :) The outdoor set was incredible !!

My first time seeing Pendulum I've been a fan since late last year Thank you Radio 1 for tatooing in my memory the best time that I will never forget.

saw pendulum at big weekend yesterday and they blew us away with blood sugar and it just got better, we were 'avin it the sound just drives you mad expecially when it is so loud!!!

Lizzi Duffell
OH MY GOD pendulum were absolutely immense! When they'd finished it was like i'd been swimming with my clothes on i was so drenched in water and beer! It was AMAZING. Fantastic live, absolutely fantastic. Definately will see them again! Thanks Radio 1!

This was the performance of the w'e for me. What an amazing sound and stage presence. Will be on the look out for these guys from here on in.

Julie ann
Pendulum are the reason that i ache all over today.....they were amazing!!! Cant wait to see them again at zoo8

Pendulum were incredible. The crowd went mad lol ! Definitely the best act on sunday

Pendulum - you did your fans proud today. What an amazing session. I remember the first time i heard your music a couple of years ago - it changed my childhood for the better. Honestly. Todays performance was that of superstars. BBC - why are they not the headline act?

James Doble
There is no other band like them. They are unique. They are the best. Can't wait till their new album is out.

totaly awsome loved it. They are one of the bands that sound better live.

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Playing on

Sunday 11 May
In New Music We Trust stage

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