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Jo Whiley meets Madonna

Part 1: Madonna talks about her live performance in New York and what people can expect at Radio 1's Big Weekend

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Set List

  • Candy Shop
  • Miles Away
  • 4 Minutes
  • Hung Up
  • Give It 2 Me
  • Music

User reviews

Hayley and Sara From Maidstone
WOW!! We saw Madonna on saturday and she was fantastic!! She gave a high energy performance, packed with fantastic dancers!! She gets top marks from us XXThanks Radio 1 x

To be honest, madonna was good but nothing compared to Wing!She's got real talent

Lou Wiles
Madonna was absolutely fantastic!! For anyone to sing and dance so well without missing a beat is great but at her age? She's the best, ROCK ON MADGE!! Anyone who says otherwise have no idea!!!

She was amazing to say the least at the Big Weekend! She makes you feel inspired with her music. Lots of people judge her but i think she is truely admirable. She's a very special ladie indeed!

Damian Haydney
My wife Lisa and i just thought it was a brilliant performance. The music was abosolutely rocking at Radio 1's Big Weekend. I cannot believe how good Madonna was and will be trying to get tickets for one of her next tours. Madonna is special and a legend and will be remembered as the greatest music star EVER!. Bigger than The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson!!

I couldn't believe how great she looked when she first appeared - 50 this August? No way!! Such a fantastic set, different class to the others. Loved it.

I saw her at the big weekend se was like totally amzing i loved her, mindblowing!!!!

I was disappointed that she failed to sing any of the 'golden oldies' which really paved the way for her success, but she has phenomenal energy which is admirable.

Lynsey V
Wow... I waited over 9 hours to see this legend on stage and I can honestly say it was worth waiting every single second she was brilliant... the best ever and I was so close to her it was amazing!!!

she's good but she should definitely ditch the guitar

Absolutely amazing!! The only disappointment is that it didn't go on for long enough!!

Madonna was phenomenal in Maidstone last night. It was a truly amazing performance

I saw Madonnas last tour, not sure what I make of the new album, not sure what I make of Madonna with a guitar. What i am sure of is that she was back to her brilliant best with her last track music, it was good to see her dance and perform so much.

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
Main stage

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