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James Yuill

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James Yuill performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

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Synthetic organic

London singer-songwriter James Yuill mixes Nick Drake's folk stylings with laptop crafted electronica on self-released albums; Turning Down Water For Air and The Vanilla Disc.

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User reviews

Ben Northcott
the most talented musician i have seen in a long time! hope to see him again soon!

Annie from dartford
This guy totally rocked it. In a league of his own. Definitely the best new thing I saw all weekend!

Totally Amazing! Can't wait to see him again!

Awesome live! Turning down water for air is also a great record, worth the investment. Tuck in!

Harry Bates
The man is an electro-acoustic genius!

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
Introducing stage

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