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Fighting With Wire

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Fighting With Wire performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

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Derry's finest rock hard with an abrasive, melodic sound which has earned them tour dates with Biffy Clryo and yourcodenameis:milo. The band are also involved in community work mentoring teenagers in their hometown.

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User reviews

Not really heard much about them before I caught their set on the Sat. Just awesome! Expect big things.

I saw Fighting with Wire for the first tme in Maidstone this weekend and was rendered speechless and half deaf. They are astonishing live and definintely my new favourite band.

ive seen fighting with wire live and theyre brilliant. mint, infact - substance over style and good ole rock and roll - c'mon boys!!

Ryan Keys
Fighting With Wire are one of the best bands Derry has produced in years. Dosen't hurt matters that they're amazing live. If you go to see anyone at this gig go see them.

Best live band ever, seen them with YCNIM and just generally over the past few years, they are great, if you dont see them now, you will be paying 30 quid a ticket very soon, they are gonna be massive

John from derry
about time this band got the break they deserve, they are one of the best live acts around! well worth goin to see. Best of luck lads!

Fww have been on the live circuit for a few years now here in Northern Ireland. I've seen them live many times and they never disappoint. They haven't been afforded the same opportunities as some lesser talented bands inNI, probably because of their uncompromising attitude. But the music speaks for itself. If you like your music loud go see them. Fighting With Wire will rock your socks off!

absolutely amazing live band!, so tight its unreal!The Album is also fantastic so i advise picking up a copy of man Vs monster now!Best new band this year without a doubt!

FWW are an awesome act live! The album is great, but I think to really enjoy FWW you need to see them live! If you dont go to their set on the's a wasted weekend

Kenny G
I saw Fighting With Wire a few times supporting Million Dead a couple of years back. They were awesome! Such raw power onstage. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Being from Derry, have seen FWW on numerous occasions. They are a fantastic live band, tons of energy on stage and with some beautiful, heavy riffs. Make sure you check them out, you won't regret it.

This band are amazing, been following them on the Northern Ireland music scene for a long time, glad to see them getting the recognition they deserve.

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
Introducing stage

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