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Colin meets Editors

Colin meets Russell and Tom from Editors backstage.

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Set List

  • Bones
  • Racing Rats
  • An End has a Start
  • Turn All Sparks
  • Escape the Nest
  • The Weight of the World
  • Bullets
  • Munich
  • Bullets
  • When Anger Shows
  • Fingers in the Factories
  • Smokers Outside the Hospital Door

Festival professionals

A band destined to play large, outdoor spaces; Editors sky-scraping choruses are perfect for Big Weekend. 2008 saw them deliver a typically epic set, the highlight of which was set-closer Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors.

User reviews

Mike J
Their performance was the best of all the acts. They are awesome live. If you haven't seen them perform then you have really missed out!!

lee d
best band of the weekend,surely they will be destined to headline glasto,v reading.amazing.

Inspirational performance and music. Got to love Editors live!!

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
In New Music We Trust stage

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