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AG Dolla

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AG Dolla performing on the BBC Introducing stage at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2008.

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Rising Dolla

Tipped by Bobby Friction, this Kenyan-born desi artist raps in English and Swahili. He's also involved in funding community projects in both the UK and Kenya.

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User reviews

Adam Ford
Saw AG DOLLA perform at the Radio 1 Big Weekend and loved his music. A real lyricist and a great performer. He was handing out his MIX CD "MY LIFE IN RHYMES" to the crowd. You know I had to get mine. Wicked MIX CD, you guys need to get hold of it. Looking forward to his new EP "Mr. SHAH". Yo AG, you got one more in your fan base.

good to see some asian talent on the lineup..i saw AG at zee carnival..he smashed it

Rabiaa Rahman-Quereshi
He Is A Wicked MC !! Best Tune To Check Out Is Border Control By The Man Himself !!

seen him perform in Kenya numerous times. Brilliant entertainer with a real passion for what he does.

Megan Matthews
WOW..I saw AG Dolla perform, he's gota be one of the most talented rappers I've seen!! He has amazing energy and his lyrics are outstanding, the beats are hot and he knows how to get the crowed hyped up! Also his flow and style are truely outstanding!! We need more rappers like him, he's in my words, a professional in a world of pretenders!! BIIG UP A G DOLLA!!! Keep up the great work!!

oh my god AG Dolla is amazing! I saw him at a carnival a few months ago and i absolutely loved his track Border Control!! :)

Josh the Boss
Yeahh!! Big up to the AG Dolla..this guy is gonna be big..has sickk lyrics over some wicked beats..saw him at bombay bronx last year and he smashed it

A wicked artist he speaks the truth, and his performance is unbelievabable!!!

jason d
ag dolla is withouth a doubt the best rapper in the asian scene and can compete with any of the uk rappers/ life and rhymes cd was really good and i can't wait for the E.P mr shah oh and BORDER CONTROL...what a track...pure genius

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Playing on

Saturday 10 May
Introducing stage

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