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Artists / Line-up


No UK festival worth its salt would leave indie pop rockers Razorlight off the bill. Singer and front man Johnny Borrell is as cocky as he is ambitious and you just know he'll be all white on the night.

Saturday - Main Stage (See full line up)

Set List

  • Golden Touch
  • Back To The Start
  • Don't Go Back to Dalston
  • Los Angeles Waltz
  • Before I Fall To Pieces
  • I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got
  • Somewhere Else
  • America
  • Vice
  • In The City

Your reviews

lewie d
brilliant as always

i was on the front row for the whole of saturday and razorlight were definately my highlight!!! just awesome

Tash & Tina from Burnley
Razorlight was just absolutly fantastic, well worth the wait...and what a great wait it was!

Adam Cook
Justin Gerrick is the muts nuts!!

They were excellent. Golden touch performed was amazing. Well done Radio 1!!

Dave Bentley
Razorlight rock! Thank You Radio 1!!!!!

razorlight just blew me away amazing livehad one amazing day thanks to radio 1 QUALARTY!! X

thought the music was great. shame front man Johnny let his arrogance and self-importance over-ride what was important.!

Razorlight were AMAZING!!! everyone was singing along and it was just soooo fab! jonny borrell was looking tres hot and was mesmerizing! Los Angeles Waltz was my fav!

razorlight are one off the best acts to perform this weekend defaintly. you are amazing lads keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Absolutley Fantstic - was so near the front! Jonny had the tightest trousers on in the world (love it! lol)ayla xxx

Three words: IN THE CITY

I love Razorlight performance! it was brilliant, amazing, shocking! they´re the best!!!!

FANTASTIC thats all than can said... was highlight of day

Sheer class. I had a random girl on my shoulders for half of it!!! That jus typifies the whole event!!!Awesum act--- wasn't a fan before hand, i am nowThank you sooooo much Radio 1!!!

Tina Hartley
Razorlight was fantastic yesterday, I was in the middle of the crowd and the whole place rocked, people were going wild. Thankyou Radio 1 for a brill weekend!

Razorlight rocked! thanks radio one!! xxx

laura xx
I love johnny borrell .. i watched there bit on tele and i was so exited i stayed up till one all my memories of there concert came flooding bak it was grat i love johnny sooo muchlove laura xx

Absolutly me jumping!! Me&&my mates were loving -- even if we didnt know the song got us goin!! AMAZING!!!

Razorlight were good yesterday, but were unfortunate to be following Kasabian so they was kind of in the shadow and diddnt get the crowd going as much

best of day


It was absolutely amazing! No words can describe how good they were.Me and my boyfriend sang to every single song.Thankyou Radio 1 for an amazing day!

angela mcnally
the best gig i have ever been to nice 1 radio 1

Razorlight, you Rock, loved it all always lift the roof...:-)

Razorlight... absolutly amazing! every song was geat, expecially America and In The Morning. In the City was such a good end to their set list, THANKYOU Radio 1, you rock!

Joey Provoncha
These guys were amazing, Andy is such a good drummer and Johnny an awesum frontman. I was really near the front and the crowd just went wild for every song! i loved Vice and LA Waltz esepcially! Thank you radio 1! I didnt realise Vernon Kay could rap either, What a legend!

Wen can we watch this again???

Maria Yates
Razorlight, well what can I say, out of this World, Quality act. Can't wait to see them again.

Sorry lads but you didnt float my boat this time average you dint seem like your heart was in it. was a long day

claire young
absolutly brilliant !! Can not wait to watch him in Paris!!!!

Oscar Smith
hi this is the first review they were amazong just as good as i thought well done

Louise, Preston
They were excellent, did not disappoint at all!

razorlight were by far the best act of thwe night

Gary from Burnley
Razorlight, what can i say other than excellent!! Johnny was top and was backed by as outstanding performance from Andy! Top gig cheers radio 1

Suzanne Gillespie
Great sound but Johnny Borrell is relying too heavily on his good looks and skinny body to attract the crowds - he made no attempt to interact and had little to say - great front man!!!!!!

Marie and Dave
Razorlight were wicked on the night. the best band by far. It went mad when they played America

Sandra Crawshaw
One of the best days out I have ever had in my life.I have completely lost my voice with all the singing.Thanks so much Radio 1

chelsi nickii and lauren
razorlight were billiant love yoo xxx

niel mackleworth

emma spencer
absolutley amazing. highlight of my day. never fail . best act of the night, simply imense- loved it.

Before today Razorlight wouldn't have been a band I'd have paid to go and see, but after their excellent performance I've definately changed my mind!!! Well done guys! x x

Tom Davis
Words cannot describe how amazing razorlight were, first gig/festival and i have to say i was honoured to be in the same tent as that band!Thanks for a brilliant show - you can only get stronger!TomT:)

Mark Luxton
I saw Razorlight earlier in the year at Manchester and this was even better with less songs, absolutley awsome Jonny should be the King and or Knighted love it

wil + lorna
yeah razorlight were great

Katie Rushworth
Razorlight were A-mazing!! One of the best days of my lifeThank you R1!!xxx

Razorlight rocked . Thank you very much Razorlight

Katie, Halifax

helen cheshire
arrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhh..........i wet my pants i woz that excited!!!!!!!!! the dogs!!!!!!!!

gary ballantine
as always amazing

when are razorlight on

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