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Hold your glowsticks aloft for the pioneers of the day-glo nu rave scene! They celebrated their top 10 single 'Golden Skans' by headlining the 2007 NME Rave Tour and their hedonistic, electro melodies will be sticking around way longer than the neon nail varnish Peaches Geldof is wearing.

Sunday - INMWT Stage (See full line up)

Set List

  • The Bouncer
  • Hall Of Records
  • Totem On The Timeline
  • Atlantis To Interzone
  • Golden Skans
  • As Above, So Below
  • Magick
  • Gravity's Rainbow
  • It's Not Over Yet
  • Isle Of Her
  • Four Horsemen Of 2012

Your reviews

I think Klaxons set was the most energetic performance of the day, and I was chuffed they played the Bouncer, its a tune! I'de give the lead guitarist 10 bonus points for comic value, when he started hitting the mikes together I laughed pretty hard, he looked wasted, god knows what he was on... I think Preston needs to look into getting an annual music festival, that would be mint.

If your a such a die hard fan, why not get there about 10 mins before they start when the tent is half empty? (Like i did) then you get right in the thick of the action.....

reason we upped n left after golden skans was it was far 2 hot we could hardly breathe an a mosh pitt started!! but yeah was amazin as soon as they played bouncer every 1 went crazyyyyyyy! loved it!

these guys are amazin! went 2 see them lst week in manchesta n they wer absolutli amazin! i dnt fink the crowd wer ready 4 wat hapend in tht tent but afta the first few songs the crowd reli got in 2 it! defo the best band ther! best band iv seen live eva!

Baybii Gall
Klaxons am amazin they are all supa sxc specialy simon :P

kelly humphrey
The Klaxons were amazing on Sunday. I've only ever heard the songs that they've brought out, but i'm definately gonna go and buy the album now. Their other songs are much rockier than the ones they've brought, and they definately knew how to get the crowd going. Just AMAZING!!!!

alex taylor
AMAZING........i was at the front on the bar...every song they did was ace....i reeeaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyy wanna go c them agenby far the best i saw....

Klaxons were awesome, just completely and utterly amazing. Best band of the weekend for me.

Unfortuneately Radio1 decided that i didnt deserve any tickets for the weekend, but thankfully BBC interactive had Klaxons set shwoin and even though i missed the first 3 tracks, they were immense! Atlantis to Interzone is the best song EVER! i cant wait to rave the night away at Leeds festival

Something about this set really bugged me, and it wasn't the band, they were amazing. What annoyed me so much is the fact that me (a die hard Klaxons fan) got to the tent and had to stand outside because there were so many people. Then, as soon as they played Golden Skans, half the people just upped and left! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR........... How annoying!!!!

matt walker
klaxons were sik. 1 of da best there.

Tall Imy!!!
Klaxons were amazing, crowd loved it! Really enjoyed their set!THANKYOU RADIO 1!!!!!!

Stephen Smith
Didn't get to see that much as clashed with the view but i will deffo try to go see these as what i saw was excellent.

Karen, Loughborough
Klaxons were awesome. Slighty disappointed that BBC 1 had it listed to start at 7.30pm on BBC digital, I missed the first four tracks.

Klaxons are amazing live. This is the third time i've seen them and they keep on getting better =]]

God damn only having a one day ticket!!!!Would love to see these guys live......

Wonderful, James is so sexy

Klaxons- WELL GUD! new fav band

becky trafford
these guys were completey absoluty awesome everyone went absoluty mental completey and utterly mental!!!! was good laff its just a got punched in the mouth n lost my jacket but it was worth it

Unfortunately for me, not heard a great deal of their music but boy was the tent rocking - what a fabulous performance!!!

Alan Woodrow
Klaxons just blew everyone away, I've never danced so much in my life. Best band in the world right now oh yes

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