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Artists / Line-up

The Fratellis

Winner of the Best Breakthrough Act at the Brits 2007, The Fratellis are a three piece alternative rock band from Glasgow. Their debut album Costello Music featuring 'Chelsea Dagger' reached number 2 in the UK charts

Saturday - Main Stage (See full line up)

Set List

  • Baby Fratelli
  • Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night
  • Flathead
  • Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes
  • Country Boys And Girls
  • Whistle For The Choir
  • Henrietta
  • Chelsea Dagger

Your reviews

Incredibly Amazing! I love the Fratellis, they are the best! My fav song is whistle for the choir, and i only wish i was there to see it live. In my opinion, the best place to be is at a Fratellis gig, of course you have to be jumping around and singing along at the front n i think that was pretty much taken care of at R1BW. See you guys in Swindon!!! :) x

Why are there rights restrictions on some artists' sets?

One word - WOW! They created such an amazing atmosphere, they were deffinately my favourite :)
Carrie H

Absolutly quality best band on the day

why cant u show us this set.???

I was really looking foward to seeing The Fratellis and they didn't disapoint WOW they were fantastic x

How cool are the Fratellis! Wot a great performance. Thanks so much i'll be seeing you soon! x
Gemzi B

Top set...never before been to a live concert before one big weekend this year...and i'm so glad it was to see the fratellis...pure talent!
Heather Sweeney

It was absolutely amazing!The fratellies was the best act there! Never been on such a good day out!x
Helen L. Manchester

Radio 1,u didntgiv me tickets:-( but I listened from outside,and itsounded awsome!

that guy was totally frat!
frat party

Emma Joanne


One of the highlights of the day really good live i was well impressed and to top it all off we even got to meet them in the signing tent (take a look at the pics) really nice lads 2!
Lee Thistlethwaite

It's Monday and I'm still bouncing to Chelsea Dagger! They were fantastic, really rocked the tent!

THE FRATELLIS WERE AWESOME!!! THE BEST BAND AT THE WEEKEND!! absolutely amazingggg! definitely the best band ever!! so so talented!! so amazingggggggggg..

The Fratellis RULE!Even though I never actually went, I still got to see these beauties on the Telly and they were AMAZINNNNG! So I was there!...Sort of!ALL THE SONGS WERE BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMon The Fratellis!!!!

Fratellis were amazing, love the album but seeing it live was incredable!! sang soo.. loud nearly lost voice hehe x

absolutely awesome!!

chelsea dagger best song eva fratellis best band eva costello music best album eva itz simple they r the best eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ste n

The Fratellis were awesome and should have been the headliners. We were still singing Chelsea Dagger all the way home 4 hours later.Thanks Radio 1 for a great day. I thing BBC 1 should give Chris Moyles & Vernon Kay their own comedy show well done lads.
Ann-Marie, Preston

they were emence ;)

the fratellis rocked!!! them and the pigeon detectives were the best of the day!!



WOW! IT WAS IMMENSE! I met the fratellis and I still cant get over the exitement THANKYOU RADIO 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chelsey :]

Aye, Fratelli's were absolutely top! Great set list and they got the crowd jumping (always good!) Plus they played Chelsea Dagger as Chelsea beat Man U. - brilliance.
Jackone Heys

the best band for a long time in my opinion. although i am very biased this really made my day :) me luffs them!

the fratelli rocked!! simple as i was even seen on telly bowin down 2 em! yay lol
jenny b

absolutely amazin, been dyin to see these guys since i missed them at t in park, well worth the wait, Chelsea Dagger an Flathead rocked....:-)

The Fratellis were absolutly amazing! They got the crowd going and Chelsea Dagger was definatly the theme tune for the big weekend! Thankyou Radio1! I had a fantastic day

The highlight of the day, the atmosphere was amazing and everbody was singing along

Thr Fratellis - fantasic set. Loved the horns on Chelsea Dagger. The best of Saturday!

Fantastic! The best band of the day.

loved it

Chelsea Dagger,WOW!!! Gotta be the anthem of the weekend, they raised the roof!
Chris n Andy

Great set love chelsea dagger and baby fratelli best act there except for Kasabian they win my vote anyday

absolutley incredible, The Fratellis were amazing, definateley the highlight of my day epsecially chelsea Dagger at the end, it was the anthem of yesterday!incredible guysUP THE FRATELLIS
Dom Stirling

Fratelli's were band of the day for me. The moment the crowd started chanting chelsea dagger was truly magical and took the roof off! Nice one guys, cheers for the experience

I love The Frarellis because they are all so cute and there from Glasgow,Scotland!I live in Scotland up north though! And Jon if ur reading this i love u and I`m only 11!Lots of Luv and happy rockin!Claire xxx
Claire Wilson

Frigin Amazing!!! When they came on the crowd just went mental!!!!Best Band ive ever seen live!
Carly And Laura

the crowd was becoming bored and restless, but then the fratellis came on and everyone was going wild, they saved the day and where absolutely fantastic, they set the ball rolling for the rest of the evening
Sam Parker

Absolutely amazing.I was lucky enough to win a weekend pass, but the Fratellis set and "Chelsea Dagger" was the best moment of the day by far and will be very very difficult to top on Sunday !
Chris L

amazing, got the crowd hopping!

Excellent set from a great band!!
Jamie Slee

amazing band. loved them. great songs.
emma spencer

The best band everchelsea dagger is classicgot good crowds but still got second best 2 razorlight
steven bradshaw

chelsea dagger was amazin the fratellis brought the house down the ultimate highlight,thank you radio 1 and thankyou preston.
gemma garnett

chuffin fantastic they rocked the place best act on stage!!!!! nobody can touch them !!
baby fratelli

Amazing, as allways! Best act so far, the fratellis rock!

How amazing are they? absolutely blew me away. Thankyou Radio 1 x x
Ms Andrea

I think The Fratelies rock but most of my mates don't think so but only two of my friends actually do

The Fratelis are by far the best live band around at the minute, having seen them live twice myself. And yet againg they havn't dissapointed at the "BIG WEEKEND". Costello music was the best album of last year!!
simon wood

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