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From Friday 22nd May to Monday 25th May 2009 visitors to the Radio 1 website voted on their favourite game from a list compiled by a panel of games experts. Here's how they voted...

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Call of Duty 4
1st. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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Football Manager 2009
2nd. Football Manager 2009
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Final Fantasy VII
3rd. Final Fantasy VII
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World of Warcraft
4th. World of Warcraft
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5th. Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
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Golden Eye
6th. GoldenEye 64
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Metal Gear Solid
7th. Metal Gear Solid
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Halo 3
8th. Halo III
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Fifa '09
9th. FIFA 09
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10th. Grand Theft Auto IV
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11 - 20

11. The Sims 2
12. Half Life II
13. Mario Kart
14. Counter-Strike
15. Fallout III
16. Deus Ex
17. Worms
18. Pokemon Red and Blue
19. Sensible World of Soccer
20. GTA Vice City

21 - 30

21. Half Life
22. Gears of War
23. Command & Conquer
24. BioShock
25. Halo: Combat Evolved
26. Sonic the Hedgehog
27. Championship Manager
28. Super Mario Kart
29. Resident Evil 4
30. Age of Empires II

31 - 40

31. Elite
32. Mario Kart 64
33. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
34. Street Fighter II
35. Super Mario 64
36. Tetris
37. Shenmue
38. Super Mario Galaxy
39. Halo
40. Super Mario World

41 - 50

41. Pro Evolution 2009
42. Left 4 Dead
43. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
44. Gran Turismo 4
45. StarCraft
46. Super Mario Bros
48. Doom
49. SingStar
50. Day of the Tentacle

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