Bethan Elfyn

Thu 00.00-02.00

Thursday 6 August


Through Colour - 'Kids Of Cancer' (White)
Minnaars - 'Are Lovers (Gallops Remix)' (White)
Polly Mackey And The Pleasure Principle - 'Seriously' (White)
Wave Machines - 'Punk Spirit' (Neopolitan)
Pen Ta Gram - 'Feedback' (BBC Introducing Session)
Not Squares - 'Aye Yo Pa' (The Richter Collective)

Mechanical Owl in Session!!! 
Brittle II
Row Your Boat

Mark Barnes - 'Freaking Out' (Doormat Sounds)
Kutosis - 'Treehouse' (BBC Introducing Session)

A Lovely Chat With The Joy Formidable!!!
The Joy Formidable - 'The Last Drop' (Try Harder)


We Are Animal - '1268' (White)
Cuba Cuba - 'Icarus' (Small Town Records)
Swathes - 'Matchday' (White)
This Week's Tipster - Matty Webber!!!
Male Bonding - 'Years Not Long' (Tough Love Records)
Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump - 'Lights Out' (White)
Unseen Archives - 'Pulses' (White)

Pulco - 'Billy D Horsey' (Folkwit)
Derwyddon Dr Gonzo - 'Salsa Talsarna' (Copa)
Lovvers - 'OCD Go Go Girls' (Wichita)
The Racketears - 'Icicles' (White)

Mechanical Owl in Session!!!
Smoke Signals

Rico And The Thieves - 'HOAX' (White)
Cyrion - 'Avalanche' (White)
English Maths Science - 'Found' (White)
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Sonar Festival
Sound Of Sonar

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