Bethan Elfyn

Thu 00.00-02.00

Thursday 7 May


Acid Casuals – ‘Lockdown’ (Som Bom)
Chairlift – ‘Evident Utensil (Jacques Renault Remix)’ (Columbia)
Gallops – ‘Oh The Manatee’ (Session)
Fanfarlo – ‘Drowning Men’ (Moshi Moshi)
Plugs – ‘That Number’ (People in the Sky)
Ceri Frost – ‘Afghans and Soviets’ (White)

Sibrydion Live in Session!!!
Coup De Grace
Praying For Rain

Viva Machine – ‘Earthquakers and Lovemakers’ (Rocklouder Records)
Rico And The Theives – ‘HOAX’ (White)

NME Radar Tour Report from Katherine and Daniel!!!
Magistrates – ‘Heartbreak’ (XL Recordings)

Lobachevsky and the Two Spinsters – ‘Petrovkins Lament’ (White)


Tipster Marcus Warner from Engineering Consent!!!
Save Your Breath – ‘Holy S**t, Fortune Teller, Miracle Fish’ (White)
Jordan Suckley – ‘Flames’ (White)
Through Solace – ‘We Were So Sincere’ (White)

Mice Girls – ‘Twitchcraft’ (Kruger Singles Club)
Wave Pictures – ‘If You Leave It Alone’ (Moshi Moshi)
Under Alien Skies – ‘Snowdon To The Sea’ (White)

Mr Curtamos Live Mixxx!!!
Santogold – ‘Creator (GOLD019 Remix)’ (White)
Curtamos – ‘Crashed’ (Abducted Dub)
Curtamos – ‘316’ (Dub)
Curtamos – ‘Little B’ (Dub)
Curtamos – ‘Milk’ (Betamorph Recordings)
Curtamos – ‘Pulp Who’ (Abducted Dub)
Curtamos – ‘Special’ (Stupid Fly)
Curtamos – ‘Dub Family Acapella’ (Stupid Fly)
Curtamos – ‘Junglebiz’ (Dub)
Curtamos – ‘Breakin’ (Black Sheep)

Henrys Funeral Shoe – ‘Henrys Funeral Shoe’ (Alive)
Circa Regna Tonat – ‘Atta’ (White)
Last Partisan – ‘Grade 5’ (White)
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Sonar Festival
Sound Of Sonar

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