Bethan Elfyn

Thu 00.00-02.00

Thursday 26 March


Truckers of Husk – ‘Person For The Person’ (My Kung Fu)
Elephants – ‘Alexander’ (Vacuous Pop)
Axon – ‘Mrk IV’ (Bedroom Records)

Quick Chat with Neil from Attack! Attack! Out at SXSW!
Attack! Attack! – ‘You and Me’ (Rock Ridge)
Quick Chat with Andy Falkous from Future of the Left out at SXSW!
Future of the Left – ‘The House That Hope Built’ (4AD)

Soap and Skin – ‘Spirical’ (PIAS Records)
Mr Huw – ‘Petha Bach’ (Copa)

Jen Long is this week’s SXSW Tipster!
Fol Chen – ‘Cable TV’ (Asthmatic Kitty)
Telekinesis – ‘One Step Forward’ (Merge Records)
Lissy Trullie – ‘Money’ (White)

Dirty Goods – ‘Honest’ (White)
Elephant and Soldier – ‘All My Friends’ (White)
We Came Out Like Tigers – ‘Peasant Farmer Sow Poppy Seeds in….’ (White)


Dananananaykroyd – ‘Black Wax’ (Best Before)

Chesus and Rodski live in studio to mix a live fidget mix – they crammed 7 tracks into 15minutes!
Chesus and Rodski - 'Doobiemore' (White)
Chesus and Rodski - '26 waistlines' (White)
Chesus and Rodski - 'Luchinimore' (White)
Chesus and Rodski - 'Why???' (White)
PRGz - 'Hood Celebrity' (Chesus and Rodski MIX) (White)
Chesus and Rodski - 'Still Che' (White)
Chesus and Rodski – Raw Raw’ (White)

Scott Bowden – ‘Man Eater’ (I Blame The Parents)

Cuba Cuba exclusive session tracks!
Cuba Cuba – ‘Somewhere’
Cuba Cuba – ‘Fountains’

Tiger Please – ‘Strawberry Moon’ (White)

Quick chat with Rod Thomas out at SXSW!
Rod Thomas – ‘Disco Moment’ (Self Raising)
Quick chat with Richard from Friends Electric out at SXSW!
Friends Electric – ‘Hope’ (White)

Organ Morgan – ‘Do Not Disturb’ (White)
Stagga – ‘Timewarp Remix’ (White)
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