Bethan Elfyn

Thu 00.00-02.00

Thursday 22 January


Meic Stevens – ‘Shw Mae Shw Mae’ (Sunbeam)
Dan Deacon – ‘Get Older’ (Carpark Records)
Belbury Poly – ‘The All At Once Club’ (Ghostbox)
Ty Segall – ‘Dating’ (Castle Face)

In session: Eitha Tal Ffranco!!
‘Charlotte Can’t You See’

Coconot – ‘Conservad El Grayo’ (BCore)
Fredrick Stanley Star – ‘Broad Chinese Man’ (Shape)
Euros Childs – ‘Saving Up To Get Married’ (Wichita)

Mike from Kruger Magazine’s advice line
Canaries – ‘Birds Of Prey’ (Kruger Singles Club)

From the sessions archive: Crimess
‘We Got’

In session: Eitha Tal Ffranco!!
‘Left Of Venus’
‘Benjamin Bore’


Kamal Ahmed – ‘Yeh Raat Keya Keya’ (Finders Keepers)
Right Hand Left Hand – ‘Coincident XY’ (White)
High Quality Recordings – ‘Evelyn’ (High Quality Recordings)
Animal Collective - 'Summertime Clothes' (Domino)
Meercaz – ‘Manic Mirror’ (Gulcher)
Max Ochs – ‘Victor’s Rag’ (Tompkins Square)

Label Of The Week: Ghostbox
Belbury Poly – ‘A Year And A Day’ (Ghostbox)
The Advisory Circle – ‘As The Crow Flies’ (Ghostbox)

In session: Eitha Tal Ffranco!!
‘It’s Not Sixty’

Hudson Mohawke – ‘Overnight’ (Warp)
Peter Broderick – ‘Moment’ (Kning)
Vollman – ‘New Best Friend’ (Les Animaux)
Gallops – ‘Lasers’ (White)

Bed’s time story with Bedwyr Williams
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Sonar Festival
Sound Of Sonar

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