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17 Oct 2014
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Slum Village on Nissi BeachSlum Village

In front of a throng of bikini-clad girls, Slum Village marked their first trip to Ayia Napa with a laid-back performance of their new single, 'Climax', live on Trevor Nelson's R&B Chart Show. We caught up with T3 and Baatin on the beach after the show to get the Slum perspective on Ayia Napa.

Is this your first time in Ayia Napa?
Baatin: Yes. It's lovely. The ladies, the beach, the weather... everything is lovely!

Have you been to any of the clubs yet?
T3: We've only been to Insomnia, which is an all-night club. When you go in there it's night time and when you come outside it's daylight, so it's a beautiful thing. Non-stop partying.

When did you get here?
T3: We flew in yesterday from London. We were supporting D'Angelo at Brixton Academy. Those dates were beautiful. The crowd was really into our music and it was a good experience for us.
Baatin: We did a show in Brixton before with The Roots, Ozomatli and Jurassic 5, but this time it was just with D'Angelo. It was wonderful, lots of people, sold out both days.

How was D'Angelo's set?
Baatin: It was ridiculous! Immaculate. That's family, you know.
T3: We've known him for a long time, about a year now.

Slum Village on Nissi BeachWhere's Jay Dee [Slum's third member]?
T3: Ah Jay Dee, that's the hundred dollar question. Jay Dee doesn't come out much. He's a homebody and likes to work, so you wouldn't see him so much. He doesn't do live stuff that often.
Baatin: You might see him on the next album, the tour with the next album. He might surprise you now and then, but he's not really a performer, so we represent Slum Village.

Have you been working on a new album?
Baatin: We're making up new ideas and coming up with things, because we're trying to totally change what we're doing now, to create a new sound, so we're expecting to come out with a new album early next year.
T3: We don't know what it will sound like, we're still experimenting, but it's not going to sound like 'Fantastic Volume II' and 'Volume I'. It's going to be a new sound.

'Volume I' never actually got a full release - would you consider releasing it properly?
Baatin: Oh yeah, we're releasing 'Volume I' very soon, but just a limited edition. 5000 copies, internet-access only. Log on.

'Climax' is your forthcoming single - what's it all about?
Baatin: The concept is menage a trois really, a guy's fantasy. We're trying to break the monotony and relax the stiffness of sexuality because it's so suppressed. We're trying to tell everybody it's okay if you wanna have a menage a trois. Do your thing, it's alright.

T3 and BaatinSexuality is freedom and we support that. I don't suppress my sexuality and we don't do it in our music, so we're sharing it with the world - something that another group probably wouldn't do. Slum Village is a contradiction, a paradox. We break rules, we do things other people wouldn't do. Places other people wouldn't go, we go there, talking about things. That's why it's really difficult to compare us to A Tribe Called Quest, because they were more tribal, peaceful type people. We're nothing like that.

What do you think of the UK garage scene?
Baatin: Craig David is doing his thing. I heard a couple of hot songs from him. Wookie is ridiculous, he's hot. UK garage, we've heard it a lot, that's all we hear on the radio.

What do you think of all the girls in Ayia Napa?
Baatin: Beautiful and topless. Hopefully we'll be lucky tonight!

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