Annie Nightingale

Fri 02.00-04.00

Annie On One Tracklist: 06/06/2004

Finger Lickin's 5th Birthday Special

Aquasky vs Masterblaster – ‘Wheels Of Steel’ – (Passenger)
DJ Hal – ‘Deep Spike Sex’ – (1 Records)
The Plump DJs – ‘Squeeks And Bleeps’ – (Fingerlickin)
The Freestylers – ‘Blow Your Brains’ – (White Label)
Flatline – ‘Are You A Freak’ – (White Label)
People Vs Credit – ‘We Are People’ – (Credence)
Freq Nasty – ‘One More Time’ – (Skint)
Wink – ‘Evil Acid (Version 2)’ – (Ovum)
Chris Carter – ‘Bottyfunk’ – (En:Vision)
Thursday Club – ‘Some Place Funky (Ladbroke Groove Mix)’ – (Mob)

Soul of Man Mix
A Skillz – ‘Short Breath Intro’ – (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Soul Of Man – ‘Shake ‘Em Down’ – (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Lee Coombs & Dylan Rhymes – ‘Dubhead’ – (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Soul Of Man – ‘Dirty Waltzer’ – (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Lee Coombs & Christian J’ – ‘Alright Allnight’ - (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Plump DJs – ‘Creepshow (Soul Of Man Mix)’ - (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Soul Of Man – ‘Overdrive’ - (Finger Lickin’ Records)
2 Inda Bush – ‘The Lick’ - (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Mix Ends

Tejo, Black Alien & Speed – ‘Follow Me, Follow Me (Fatboy Slim Mix)’ – (White Label)
Max Sedgeley – ‘Happy (Norman Cook Mix)’ – (Sunday Best)
Freeland, Wink And Middleton – ‘Rise Above’ – (Marine Parade)
The Chemical Brothers – ‘Battle Weapon 5’ – (White Label)
Atomic Hooligan – ‘Shine A Light (Mutiny Mix)’ – (Botchit & Scarper)

Drummatic Twins Mix
Circuit Breakers – ‘Got The Funk’ – (Viper Jive Records)
Drummatic Twins – Mind The Gap’ – (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Rennie Pilgrem – ‘Some Place Funky (Plump DJs Mix)’ – (Mob)
Drummatic Twins – ‘Le Funky’ - (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Freestylers – ‘Push Up (Plump DJs Mix)’ – (Supercharged)
Unknown – ‘Wasting Away’ – (White Label)
Drummatic Twins – ‘Rock Steady’ - (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Orbital – ‘One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 Mix)’ – (Finger Lickin’ Records)
Jentina – ‘Bad Ass Stripper’ – (Virgin)
Paul Jackson – ‘Blockbuster (Club Mix)’ – (Underwater)
Detroit Grand Poobars – ‘Sandwiches’ – (Jive/Zomba)
The Streets – ‘Dry Your Eyes’ – (679/Locked On)
Basement Jaxx – ‘Cish Cash’ – (XL)
Jakatta – ‘American Dream’ – (Ministry Of Sound)

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