Annie Nightingale

Fri 02.00-04.00

Annie On One Tracklist: 04/04/2004

Plump DJs - 'Creep Show (Soul Of Man)' - (Finger Lickin')
Freestylers - 'Push Up (Plump DJs Mix)' - (Against The Grain)
Scissorkicks - 'Black Hole Tube' - (2Wars)
Crispin J Glover - 'This Is Not A Love Song' - (One Little Indian)
Dino Lenny - 'Under Pressure' - (White Label)
Aphex Twin - 'Digereedoo' - (Chrysalis)
Freeland, Wink And Middleton - 'Rise Above' - (Marine Parade)
Lennie D Ice - 'We Are Ie (Hybrid Live Mix)' - (Distinctive)
Dirk Technic - 'I Love You' - (Intergroove)
Dr Dick - 'Spank Me (Tribal Mix)' - (Pure)

Inkfish Vs David West "Rocket Mix"
David West - 'Envy' - (CDR)
Deepsky - 'Talk Like A Stranger (Burufunk Remix)' - (Yoshitoshi)
Human Movement - 'Fall In Love (Shiloh Remix)' - (Innersense)
Paradise Soul - 'Wake Up (Mike Monday Remix)' - (Kinky Vinyl)
David West - 'Carrier (Inkfish Vs West Stripped Mix)' - (Unknown)
Marc Mitchell Vs Shiloh - 'Run To The Light' - (CDR)
Mix Ends

Tiga - 'Pleasure From The Bass' - (Disco)
Shirker - 'Confusion (Si Begg Mix)' - (Flame Records)
Stanton Warriors - 'Slanty' - (679)
Narcotic Influence - 'Empirion' - ()
Koma And Bones Feat Robert Owens - 'Take Me Back' - (TCR)
Smithmonger - 'Seen It All Before (Breaks Mix)' - (10 Kilohertz)

The Young Punx Mix
Unknown - 'Intro' - (Classic FM Cover Mount CD, Circa 1990)
The Young Punx - 'The Matrix Rebooted' (White)
The Phat Conductor And Dave Dub - 'Cannibal Orgy' - (2Wars)
Freeland - 'Supernatural Thing - (Marine Parade)
The Beastie Boys - 'Hold It Now, Hit It' - (Def Jam)
The Electrician - 'Original Style (Scissorkicks Soundkiller Mix) - (WOMP)
Bassment Jaxx - 'Always be there' - (XL)
LBJ - 'Graffiti Techno' - (Botchit breaks)
The Chemical Brothers - 'Get yourself high' - (Astralworks)
Michael Morph - 'Pranged' - (Cdr)
Britney Spears - 'Toxic (Pussy DeLix 'Cook My Toxic Sock'
Bootleg Breaks Mix' - (Cdr)
Medcab Presents - 'Infekto's Message' - (Medcab/White)
Hexadecimel - 'Brain Machine' - (Cdr)
The Plump DJs - "When The Funk Hits The Fan' - (Fingerlickin')
A flock of Seagulls - 'Wishing (I Had A Photograph Of You)' - (Jive)
The Young Punx - 'Punx Get Loose (Max Hedroom Remix) - (Mondo)
Mix Ends

Tiesto Feat BT - 'Love Comes Again' - (Virgin)
Nectarious - 'Phoenix (Vigi And Nectarios Mix)' - Streetwise
Technova - 'Atmosphere' - (130)
Chikinki - 'Like It Or Leave It (Tom's Play It Or Leave It' Remix)' - (Island)
Basement Jaxx - 'Plug It In (Extended Club Mix)' - (XL)

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