Annie Nightingale

Fri 02.00-04.00

Saturday 3rd January


Pendulum Mix
Pendulum – ‘The Other Side (Original vs Remix Edit)’ (Warners)
Nine Inch Nails – ‘That’s What I Get (Computer Club Remix)’ (Unknown)
Elite Force – ‘Return 2 Mind Funk (Vandal Mix)’ (Used & Abused)
Aphex Twin – ‘Windowlicker’ (Warp)
Sta – ‘Sex’ (Marine Parade)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? – ‘We Are Rockstars (Remix)’ (Virgin)
Culture Shock – ‘Asteroids’ (RAM)
Noisia – ‘Seven Stitches’ (RAM)
Tigerstyle – ‘Nachna Onda Nei’ (AK Publishing)
Dj Hell – ‘Tragic Picture Show’ (IDJ Gigolos)
Squarepusher – ‘Port Rhombus’ (Warp)
Syndicate – ‘Unknown’ (Unknown)
The Chemical Brothers – ‘F*** Up Beats’ (Virgin)
Afrika Bambaata – ‘Breakers Revenge’ (Unknown)
Dj Mehdi – ‘Wee Bounce’ (Ed Banger)
The Knife – ‘Silent Shout’ (Rabid Records)
Pendulum – ‘Different’ (Warners)
Tipper – ‘Supersport (Subphonics Shallow Grave Mix)’ (Higher Ground)
Vent – ‘Encoded’ (Hardcore Beats)
Fugazi – ‘Sweet and Low’ (Dischord)

Journeyman & Barrcode in the mix
Freestylers – ‘Feel the Panic’ (Freskanova)
Freeflow45 – ‘Shift & Shock’ (Ibreaks)
Journeyman vs Barrcode – ‘Boing’ (Fresh Produce Records)
Rico Tubbs – ‘Gangsters’ (Menu Music)
Journeyman vs Barrcode – ‘No Exception’ (Ho Ju Records)
Far Too Loud – ‘Screamer (Dilemn Remix)’ (Silo Recordings)
Lee Coombes – ‘Control (10 Rapid Remix)’ (Lot49)
Beat Assasins – ‘Direct Hit’ (Mofo Recordings)


Far Too Loud Recorded Live at Glastonbury 08
Far Too Loud feat. Subsource – ‘You Know the Sound’ (Funkatech)
Far Too Loud – ‘Play It Loud’ (Funkatech)
30Hz feat. Yolanda – ‘Innocent (Far Too Loud remix)’ (Lot49)
Deekline & Wizard – ‘Up For The Posse (Far Too Loud remix)’ (Supercharged)
m0del101 vs. The RMS – ‘Lovestick (Far Too Loud Remix)’ (Unstable)
Far Too Loud feat. Jenny Bell – ‘What's Goin' On (VIP Mix)’ (Funkatech)
Far Too Loud – ‘Shredder’ (Funkatech)
Hedflux – ‘Music Is My Weapon (Far Too Loud Remix)’ (Sinister)

Madox in the mix from Glade Festival
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