Annie Nightingale

Fri 02.00-04.00

Monday 14th May

Soul Of Man – ‘The Drum (GrooveDiggerz Remix)’ (Fingerlickin’)
Capoeira Twins – ‘Looking Good’ (Madox Remix)’ (The Payback Project)
Sparki Dee – ‘A Force To Be Reckoned With!!!’ (Demo)
Wax Equestrian – ‘Zig Zag (Dopamine Remix)’ (WutEva)
Beat Assassins ft MC Rino – ‘Bounce’ (MoFo)
Friendly - ‘The Weekend Breaks’ (Fingerlickin’)
LCD Soundsystem – ‘North American Scum’ (EMI)

LCD Soundsystem – Live from Leeds Festival 2005
Full Tracklisting to Follow

Freeflow 45 – ‘Peaktime’ (iBreaks)
J Mekka – ‘Zilly Zozzage’ (iBreaks)
Ils vs The Who – ‘Baba O’Riley (12” Vocal Mix)’ (Distinctive)
Jack Knife Lee – ‘Making The Money (Remix)’ (Fiction)
Freestylers – Push Up (Plumps Mix)

Noisia in the Mix
Does It Offend You Yeah? – ‘Weird Science’ (Virgin)
Noisia – ‘Untitled Unfinished’
Uffie & Oizo – ‘Hot Chick’ (Ed Banger)
Noisia – ‘Yellow Brick’ (Division)
R Williams – ‘Bongo Bong (Noisia Remix) (EMI)
Noisia – ‘Untitled Unfinished 2’
Noisia – ‘Untitled Unfinished 3’
Noisia – ‘Untitled Unfinished 4’
Hustle Athletics – ‘Lekker’ (Love Breaks)
Noisia – ‘Raar’ (Division)
Sebastian – ‘Ross Ross Ross’ (Ed Banger)
Noisia – ‘Gutterpump’ (White Label)
Noisia – ‘Seven Stitches’ (Sony)
Tasha Baxter – ‘The Visitor’ (EMI)
Noisia – ‘Square Feet’ (White Label)
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