Annie Nightingale

Fri 02.00-04.00


Annual Nightingale Special co-presented with Soul Of Man
Soul Of Man 'Foxy Moron' (Finger Lickin')
Sifter & Adan 'Hey Flicker' (Boombox)
Breakfastaz 'Green Light' (White)

Worst, Best Holiday Destination...
Nitro Vinyl 'Illusions' (Sokolov Sounds)

Worst SIngle, Best Single, Most anticipated but disappointed album & Best Album...
Pendulum 'Fasten Your Seatbelt (breakbeat Kaos)
Slyde 'Vibrate To This' (Finger Lickin')

Hero & Heroine of the year..
Codex machine 'Love Requiem' (White)

Worst and best Festival...

Chemical Brothers 'Believe'  (Virgin)
FreeFlow Five 'traction' (white)

DJ Of the Year...
Tom Stephan & D Ramirez 'Shake It' (Slave Recordings)

Club Of The year...
Genreal Midi 'Turn it Loud' (Rockin mix)

Worst & Best movie of the year...
Funk D 'Void & Phil Kieran 'White Lice' (Soma)
Autobots Vs Screwface 'Apocalypse' (Broke)

Plump DJs mix

Unknown 'Theme X' (White)
Unknown 'Prospero' (White)
PMT 'Gyromancer' (10 Kilo)
Lee Coombs & Paranoid Jack 'Time Is Now' (Thrust)
Unknown 'NY Lipps' (White)

End Of Mix
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