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About BBC Radio

BBC Radio Includes

Each week, over 36 million people listen to BBC Radio. The BBC offers a portfolio of services aimed at offering listeners the highest quality programmes, whatever their interest or mood.• Music radio on Radio 1, Radio 1Xtra, Radio 2, 6 Music and Asian Network.

• Speech, drama, analysis and the arts on Radio 4

• Classical music and jazz on Radio 3

• News and sport on 5 live and 5 live sports extra

• Local programming from 40 stations in England

• 6 dedicated radio services in the nations (Radio Scotland, Radio nan Gàidheal, Radio Ulster, Radio Foyle, Radio Wales, Radio Cymru)

• Comedy, drama and children's programming on Radio 4 Extra


We broadcast in the UK on analogue (AM, FM & LW), DAB Digital Radio, digital television (DTV) and online.

BBC Radio reception

Policies, Guideline and Reports

Find out more about the policies of the BBC national radio networks and the policies of the Nations & Regions.

BBC Accountability Reports


Information about commissioning for all of the BBC's national radio stations and for our local radio services in the Nations.

• Networks

 Local Radio

Licence fee

There is no separate radio licence. The licence fee provides for 8 interactive TV channels, 10 radio networks, more than 50 local TV and radio services; and the services available online via

 Find out how to pay, how your licence is spent and what your licence provides

BBC Radio Frequencies

BBC Radio broadcasts throughout the UK on analogue, DAB digital Radio, digital television and online. Visit the reception website for details about DAB, FM, AM/LW and Digital Radio.

Our stations available on analogue are listed below with the frequencies where you can find them.


Radio 1 

97-99 FM

Radio 2 

88-91 FM

Radio 3 

90-93 FM

Radio 4 

92-95 FM, 103-105 FM (with local variations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Radio 4 is also available on Long Wave at 198 LW and on Medium Wave in the following locations:

  • Aberdeen - 1449 MW
  • Belfast - 720 MW
  • Carlisle - 1485 MW
  • Cornwall - 756 MW
  • Enniskillen - 774 MW
  • London - 720 MW
  • Londonderry - 720 MW
  • Newcastle - 603 MW
  • Plymouth - 774 MW

Radio 5 Live 

909/693 MW

Asian Network is available on Medium Wave in the following locations:

  • East Midlands - 837 MW
  • West Midlands - 1458/828 MW
  • Derbyshire - 1116 MW (7pm-1am)
  • Peterborough/North Cambridgeshire - 1449 MW



BBC Radio Scotland

92-95 FM, 810 MW

Radio nan Gàidheal

103-105 FM

Radio Ulster

92-95 FM, 1341 MW

Radio Foyle

93.1 FM, 792 MW

Radio Wales

93-104 FM, 657 MW, 882 MW

Radio Cymru

92-105 FM


North East & Cumbria

BBC Radio Cumbria

95.2 FM, 95.6 FM, 96.1 FM, 104.1 FM, 104.2 FM, 756 MW, 837 MW, 1458 MW

BBC Newcastle

95.4 FM, 96 FM, 103.7 FM, 104.4 FM, 1458 MW

BBC Tees

95 FM


North West

BBC Radio Lancashire

95.5 FM, 103.9 FM, 104.5 FM, 855 MW, 1557 MW

BBC Radio Merseyside

95.8 FM, 1485 MW

BBC Radio Manchester

95.1 FM



BBC Radio Leeds

92.4 FM, 95.3 FM, 774 MW

BBC Radio Sheffield

88.6 FM, 104.1 FM

BBC Radio York

95.5 FM, 103.7 FM, 104.3FM, 666 MW, 1260 MW


East Yorks & Lincs

BBC Radio Humberside

95.9 FM, 1485 MW

BBC Lincolnshire

94.9 FM, 104.7 FM


East Midlands

BBC Radio Nottingham

95.1 FM, 95.5 FM, 103.8 FM, 1584 MW

BBC Radio Leicester

104.9 FM

BBC Radio Derby

95.3 FM, 96 FM, 104.5 FM


West Midlands

BBC Radio Stoke

94.6 FM, 104.1 FM

BBC Radio Shropshire

90 FM, 95 FM, 96 FM, 104.1 FM


95.6 FM

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

94.8 FM, 103.7 FM

BBC Hereford & Worcester

104 FM, 94.7 FM



BBC Radio Northampton

104.2 FM, 103.6 FM

BBC Three Counties Radio

95.5 FM, 103.8 FM, 104.5 FM

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

95.7 FM, 96.0 FM

BBC Radio Norfolk

95.1 FM, 95.6 FM, 104.4 FM

BBC Radio Suffolk

95.5 FM, 95.9 FM, 103.9 FM, 104.6 FM

BBC Essex

95.3 FM, 103.5 FM



BBC London

94.9 FM


South East

BBC Radio Kent

96.7 FM, 104.2 FM

BBC Sussex

95.3 FM, 104.5 FM, 104.8 FM

BBC Surrey

104 FM, 104.6 FM



BBC Radio Berkshire

95.4 FM, 104.1 FM

BBC Radio Oxford

95.2 FM

BBC Radio Solent

96.1 FM, 103.8 FM



BBC Radio Gloucestershire

95 FM, 95.8 FM, 104.7 FM, 1413 MW

BBC Wiltshire

103.5 FM, 103.6 FM, 104.3 FM, 104.9 FM

BBC Radio Bristol

94.9 FM, 104.6 FM

BBC Somerset

95.5 FM, 1566 MW


South West

BBC Radio Devon

96 FM, 94.8 FM, 95.7 FM, 95.8 FM, 103.4 FM, 104.3 FM

BBC Radio Cornwall

95.2 FM, 103.9 FM

BBC Radio Guernsey

93.2 FM, 99 FM, 1116 MW

BBC Radio Jersey

88.8 FM, 1026 MW



Radioplayer is a partnership between the BBC and UK Commercial Radio. Together we've developed a player that gives audiences a simple and consistent online listening experience. Radioplayer allows you to discover and listen to live and on demand radio from Ofcom licensed UK radio stations.

The Radioplayer console will pop up to play audio when you click to listen live or play listen again content on BBC Radio websites. 

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We have a lot of information about Podcasts on our FAQ site. Simply click on the link below - 


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