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David and Maureen Sowerbutts

Series Overview

I know what you did.

Having created the kind of northern town that nightmares are made of, The League Of Gentlemen's Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton returned with a spine-tingling, jaw-dropping, thrilling comedy serial. Like the best whodunnits, each episode draws viewers deeper and deeper into the kind of world that only Reece and Steve could dream up.

An embittered one-handed clown; a desperately misguided midwife; a lovestruck telekinetic dwarf; a blind avaricious collector; and a serial-killer-obsessed man-child... five seemingly unconnected characters share one thing in common. Despite coming from different parts of the country and having different backgrounds and interests, each one has been sent an anonymous, black-edged card bearing the chilling message: "I know what you did..."

The past catches up with these five seemingly unconnected characters as they go about their present-day lives: Mr Lomax enlists the help of his care worker Tealeaf in the quest to complete his unusual collection of commodities. A fatal misunderstanding leads David and his mum to cover up for his incompetence at a murder mystery evening. Pantomime Dwarf Robert becomes embroiled in a disastrous love triangle with Snow White Debbie and best friend Kerry. Midwife Joy is left alone with her demonstration doll Freddy when a Pinocchio-like miracle happens. And Mr Jelly, already bitter that his rival Mr Jolly gets all the best jobs, finds himself drawn into the blackmail scheme too.

It becomes clear these disparate characters share a murky past and eventually they are drawn back to the scene of their crime. Who has summoned them there and for what terrible purpose? Meanwhile, Kerry takes Robert from the theatre to the heart of the deep, dark woods. Will anyone survive the great day of judgement?

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