Tuesday 14 August 2012
10.15pm – c11.30pm
Royal Albert Hall

Late Night Proms

  • György Ligeti

    Poème symphonique (8 mins)
    • London Sinfonietta
  • Luciano Berio

    Sequenza V (8 mins)
    • Byron Fulcher trombone
    • London Sinfonietta
  • Iannis Xenakis

    Phlegra (12 mins)
    • London Sinfonietta
    • André Ridder conductor
  • Jonathan Harvey

    Mortuos plango, vivos voco (9 mins)
    • Sound Intermedia
    • London Sinfonietta
  • Louis Andriessen

    De snelheid (18 mins)
    • London Sinfonietta
    • London Sinfonietta Academy Ensemble
    • André Ridder conductor
  • John Cage

    4' 33 (4:33 mins)

About this event

Tonight’s pocket history of post-war music, reflecting Radio 3’s Fifty Modern Classics, opens with Ligeti’s playful Poème for 100 ticking metronomes. In Berio’s solo trombone extravaganza the player employs many extended techniques and at one point turns to the audience to ask, ‘Why?’ Xenakis makes lively play out of rigorous patternings and Cage – whose centenary we mark this year – removes the idea of a sound source altogether.

Before that notorious provocation there’s Jonathan Harvey’s haunting electronic amalgam of a Winchester Cathedral bell and the voice of his boy chorister son, and Louis Andriessen’s thrilling, hard-Minimalist musical clock.

There will be no interval

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