Friday 12 August 2011
10.15pm – c11.30pm
Royal Albert Hall

Stage and Screen

About this event

Spaghetti Western Orchestra

The five inventive multitaskers of the Spaghetti Western Orchestra have their own way of presenting film music in concert.

Fascinated by the scores of Ennio Morricone, they have devised an unclassifiable entertainment in which his epic soundtracks for film maker Sergio Leone are recreated with extraordinary virtuosity on instruments both conventional and rather less so.

'We really embraced the absurdity of a bunch of Aussie guys trying to do what Morricone did with a cast of hundreds and so we went about listening to the music and exploring the idea that every sound is equal and giving equal importance to all sounds.'

Expect a loose narrative, new uses for the asthma inhaler and the cornflake packet, and a rich harvest of post-modern laughs.

There will be no interval

Watch Spaghetti Western Orchestra interview and musical excerpt.


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