Desk Sergeant Peter Pratt

Retired from the field; now on permanent desk duty.

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Retired from the field; now on permanent desk duty, Pratt has always been somewhat out of shape and is relieved he doesn’t have to chase after criminals or leap over walls anymore (he’s not the only one who’s thankful for this).

Always smoking a pipe or eating in between meals.

Cheerful. A shameless gossip. A practical joker. A talented caricaturist (he is always doodling something humorous behind the front desk).

Cynical about police hierarchy but springs to attention whenever a senior officer approaches.

He is a widower and loved his wife dearly; he nursed her when she was dying of cancer. This took its toll on their only son Sam - Pratt failed to give him the emotional support he needed and Sam grew wild in his teens, getting into trouble with the law. Their relationship was characterized by rows and silences and Sam left home at 16 – Pratt doesn’t talk about him.

Played by Gerard Horan.